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Dil Bole Oberoi 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Gauri says enough of waiting, I have to do something to make Om fine. She reads notes. Shwetlana says this is a cure, it will save your husband’s life. Gauri takes the injection. Some time before, a three month leap is shown. Gauri sits by Om’s side and cries. Om is on life support system. She recalls his fall. She says whatever happens, my belief shall not break, doctor is a mad guy, he says you will never come back, I will fight with even Yamraj for you, I won’t let you go anywhere. Rudra holds her and says nothing will happen to Om, you need to be strong. She says I m double strong, nothing will happen to Om, he made me cry a lot, I have seen his anger, I will make him smile, I will fight and win too. He says that’s the spirit. She says even you have much courage, I know the three months wait was tough for you, time passes slow when we wait for someone dear, I know you are finding Bhavya, but you are not getting her.

He cries and says don’t know what happened, since Anika left, all the happiness went, I don’t know about Bhavya, I hope she is fine. He gets Shivaye’s call and goes. Gauri says you will get fine soon. Buamaa says this happened because of you, if you died that day, this would have not happened, you have pride, make Om fine, if Ratan does not come back, I will not leave anyone, get Om back from death, if you can’t do this, you will regret the day you have seen Om. Gauri thinks to do something.

The goon asks Bhavya about locket, save your life by telling about it. Bhavya says if I worried for my life, I would have not been in police force, I will not say. He takes a stick to hit her and stops. He says don’t take tension, Sultan is coming, you will speak up in front of him. She thinks I want Sultan to come in front of me. Bhavya has some blade in her mouth. Gauri says enough of waiting, I have to do something to make Om fine. She gets some notes in cupboards and reads. Someone writes just I can save Om, call me if you want to save your husband. Gauri recalls meeting someone at temple. The lady/Shwetlana says just I can make your husband fine. She gives her notes. Gauri says I have no option than agreeing to her. She sees the card. She says I can’t believe this woman, I don’t know her, but there is no way, no doctor could cure Om.

The goon says that girl did not break, we have done everything. Sultan says then kill her, we don’t need her now. Bhavya frees herself. Gauri says I should not miss this chance. She calls and says I m Gauri, I met you at temple, I want to get my husband treated, where shall I come. Gauri reaches the lab. Shwetlana gives her an injection. Gauri asks what’s this. Shwetlana says its the cure, its experimental drug, it will save your husband’s life. Gauri asks the price. Shwetlana says I will take it when time comes, go and save your husband’s life. Gauri thanks her and goes. Shwetlana removes the mask and smiles.

Commissioner says thank God you are alive, we almost gave up after finding you for three months. She says they just want that locket. He says I think there is some info in that locket. Bhavya says yes, Sultan is coming. He says he will go to Oberoi mansion to find it. She says yes, I have to go there, but how will I explain Rudra, where was I for three months, I have to make some story to justify my wounds. She asks him to shoot her. He asks what, are you serious. She says yes, just shoot me. He points gun at her.

Tej and Jhanvi see Om. He says Om can’t get fine now, none can do anything, I think its time to let Om go. Jhanvi says what kind of father are you, you want to kill your son. He says Om is my blood, I want to free him, his breath is running, but he is not alive. Jhanvi says till his breath is running, my hope is alive, I will not let you kill him, I m his mum. He says I m his dad, its not easy for me also. She says my son is not with me, but don’t snatch my hope.

He says false hope is biggest lie. She says I m ready to spend my life with this lie, you can’t decide alone. He says I decided, none can stop me, I want to sign these papers. She says you always wanted this, you never loved Om as your son, you want to get rid of him, I won’t let you kill him. He says I agree there are differences between us, but Om is gone, it would be better we let him go. Buamaa gets angry and says how dare you, Om won’t go anywhere. She tears the papers. Gauri comes to Om and recalls their marriage rituals. She says I have belief you will get fine by this injection. He goes to Om.


Dil Bole Oberoi 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rudra finds Bhavya inside a sack and gets shocked. Gauri injects Om. They all get shocked. Om drops his head. Jhanvi shouts Om.

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