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Dil Bole Oberoi 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 21st March 2017 watch online Episode HD on 

In todays Episode of Dil Bole Oberoi you will watch Gauri says I told you, to ask and see, Lord listens to everyone, you have 4g connection. Om hugs her. Shwetlana says Chulbul, you tell me or not, I will know where you are going. She smiles. Stay tuned with us for more written Updates.

Shwetlana hugs Gauri and presses the button inside the ring. She says I fixed tracker in Chulbul. Om says you were going to give info about Shwetlana. The man falls over Om. Om and Gauri get shocked seeing the man stabbed. Some time before, the man tells Om that its good news, I got solid info about Shwetlana and her past, I m sure we will know all her secrets, I m sending you a video, its 5 year CCTV footage of toll post, the road is going towards a chemical factory, see video, then we will talk. Om and Gauri see video. Gauri recalls the photo and says she is that woman whose photo Shwetlana had in her room. Om says you are right. He asks the man about details. The man says Shwetlana and this girl knew each other, she used to work in chemical factory, I got solid info, we can know all secrets.

Om asks what secrets. The man says there are network problems, come and meet me in old factory, I will tell you everything. Om smiles and says we will know Shwetlana’s secrets, then she will have few days in this house. Gauri says I told you, Lord listens to everyone, I have direct connection, but you have 4 g connection. Om hugs her. Kuch na kaho…plays…. Gauri recalls their marriage and moments.

Om says I can’t believe this happened. He says listen, pack your bags, we have to leave, don’t tell anyone where we are going, if Shwetlana asks, we are going to art exhibition, hurry up, we need to leave. Om goes.

Gauri cries and talks to Lord. She says he has hugged me, what’s happening to me, when he is close to me, my heart beats faster, he does not know I m a girl, but you know I m a girl, not a guy. Saathiya……plays…….. She says but you understand what I mean to say, it will be problem for me, I should not feel this, I don’t have to become emotional, you have to give me strength, so that I don’t fall in love with my husband.

She goes out and sees Shwetlana. Shwetlana asks why did you get shocked seeing me. Gauri says I did not. Shwetlana asks where are you going in hurry. Gauri recalls her madness. She says I m going with Om. Shwetlana asks where is he going. Gauri says he told about art exhibition, I did not ask him why, I will go. Shwetlana asks are you hiding something. Gauri says no, why will I hide, you gave me job, got me in this house, gave me 3 months salary. Shwetlana says fine, you know what I can do. Gauri recalls her words and says I remember everything, I have to keep an eye on Om and inform you.

Shwetlana says I thought you lied and then I saw truth in your words, you are not so smart to fool me, so I have forgiven you, I will give you one more chance to prove your loyalty, don’t do any mistake this time. She hugs Gauri and opens the ring. She presses the button. Gauri gets hurt. Shwetlana says sorry, my stupid ring… go and give me info about Om. Gauri goes. Shwetlana says I did not trust or forgive you, I will find out where you are going.

Jhanvi gives papers to Tej. Tej says finally, hitting again and again makes big wall fall, I m happy you understood separation is better for us. She says yes, you are right, I understood the man who did not respect me till now, what will he respect now, so I thought why should I try to save such relation which you don’t believe. He says I m pleasantly surprised seeing you strong and mature, I will give these papers to lawyer, we will soon get freedom. She says I gave you what you wanted, give me what I want, sign the papers, I mean other paper work. He asks what do you mean. She says I m talking about alimony, I want half of your property and stocks, I have worked hard to make Oberoi empire, I left business and took care of children on your saying, else my position would have been better than this, so roughly I want 2000 crores. He asks 2000 crores alimony, you have got crazy. She says listen, one who has courage to pay for freedom gets it, you made this a deal, I don’t do a deal for loss, I want a price for staying with you, to tolerate your arguments and affairs, to bear my insult, to see my family breaking, to see my children’s tears, you can’t pay for this, I m just asking for 2000 crores, if you don’t pay it, I will not give you your freedom.

Gauri comes and asks Om to come. Om asks what’s this. Gauri says bad. Om asks what’s inside. Gauri shows. Om asks why all this. Gauri says if we get hungry. Om says we can have dhaba hotel. Gauri says no, remember what happened at dhaba, we will have golgappa in my style, shall I show. She throws and catches golgappa. He asks are you done.

They leave. Om asks her not to spoil his car, are we going on investigation or picnic. Shwetlana tracks them and says they are going somewhere, what did Om think I will not know anything, I will know wherever Om goes, I have fixed tracker on Chulbul. She sings mera saaya….

Om says this is toll booth, whose video detective has sent us. Gauri gives him golgappa. Om says what’s this, I was doing something. Gauri says have it, your mind will run fast. He says I need my phone and shouts. He has no place to keep golgappa and eats it. She smiles. He checks and says its same toll booth, it means we are on right way. They see old factory. They reach inside.

Gauri holds her neck. Om asks what happened. Gauri says maybe something has bitten. Om says show me. Gauri says I will manage. Om asks why do you behave like girls. Gauri says I will put water, it will be fine. Om says give me, how will you look back. Gauri says I will apply water, you go. Om says weird guy. A girl comes. She asks is this old chemical factory. Om says I think so, you? She says I m Maya, I m documentary film maker, I m doing research on old factories, so I came here. Om asks Gauri to come.

Jhanvi cries and says I did this on your saying, I never spoke to Tej this way, don’t know how will he react. Buamaa says Tej will understand, see what I do now. Om and Gauri look for the man. Om calls out the man and calls him. He says there is no network here, he was saying right, let’s find him. The man walks to him. Om says I thought you waited and left, listen, you were going to give imp info about Shwetlana. The man falls over Om. Gauri and Om get shocked seeing him stabbed.


Dil Bole Oberoi 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Om holds Gauri’s hand. They see fire and cough. Maya is seen inside the factory.

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