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Dil Bole Oberoi 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 22nd February 2017 Video Watch Online on

Om asks about train station. The man tells directions. Kaali asks the men to put Gauri in the pit. Gauri cries and says shouts let me me, leave me. They put her in pit and put back the soil. Gauri’s head is over the surface. She cries. Kaali asks the man to distribute the stones. Everyone take stones to hit her. Kaali says one who has raised her should hit the stone first. Uncle misses the shot. Kaali says you missed the aim, now I have to become stoneman. Kaali gets a stone and looks at Gauri. A snake comes out from the Shivling and reaches Gauri to protect her. Kaali says how did this snake come. Everyone pray to snake. Kaali says if snake is hurt, these Shiv devotees will hit stones at us. Kaali’s men try to take the snake away. They get scared. Kaali says you all are useless and goes to move the snake.

He gets the snake on the stick and throws it away. He says now Naagdevta is gone, you all start. Everyone drop the stones. Kaali says I think I have to do this good work. He takes stone and hits Gauri. Gauri gets injured and cries. The people also throw stones at her. Gauri shouts Maa. Her mum and kids bring the stall in between. They all join hands. Kaali asks how did these kids come. Gauri’s mum digs the soil. Kaali says throw stones. The people say wait, our children will also get hurt.

Gauri comes out of the pit. Kaali asks them to move the kids. He says see this girl ran away, if she gets saved, your daughters and bahus will get spoiled, go and catch her. He asks his men to kill Gauri if they get chance.

Soumya sees the girl aiming gun at Rudra. Rudra closes eyes. Soumya runs and holds the girl. The girl shoots. The plane loses control. They all begin to stumble and fall. The girl aims gun again. Soumya stands in front of Rudra. Rudra looks at her. The girl shoots, and there is no bullet. Soumya gets a wine bottle and hits wine on her. Rudra catches the girl.

Gauri and her mum stop seeing the villagers. Gauri’s mum and kids hold hands and secure Gauri. Gauri’s mum asks Gauri to run. Gauri starts running. They stop the people. The people follow Gauri. Gauri sees two ways and prays to Lord to show which way to choose, give some sign. She sees a procession passing. She sees Shiv idol and prays. She thinks I got the way, I have belief you will make me reach the destination. She runs that way where Lord idol is taken. She runs and Om holds her. She sees him.

The girl asks why did you save him, you should have let him die. Soumya says you won’t understand. The girl asks why. Soumya shouts he is my husband. The girl asks Rudra did you marry that fat girl, you liar. Nandini says see Soumya did not care for her life to save you, good heart is important than your hot looks. Rudra goes to Soumya and says I m not your husband, you are a mistake which has shattered my family, stay away from me and my family. Soumya gets sad and cries. She goes.

Gauri sees the people coming. Om signs the men to stop. Gauri looks at Om and cries. The people say Gauri has ruined the village’s respect, beat her, she has no right to live. Om sees Gauri. Gauri says they all are lying, I did not do anything, Kaali Thakur is defaming me. Om recalls the lady’s words and thinks of Jhanvi and Tej, and Jhanvi Thakurain. He moves back and starts leaving. Gauri gets shocked. Gauri turns and sees Kaali’s men coming. They have swords in hands. Gauri gets worried. She sees Om leaving. She runs after Om. The men run after her. The men attack her. She gets wounded. She shouts Omkara. The man is about to stab her. Om comes and holds the sword. Gauri sees Om’s hand bleeding.

Om beats Kaali’s men. Om sees Gauri. She sees the man attacking him and shouts Omkara. Om gets hurt on his back. Om fights with them. He stands in front of Gauri. The people asks Om to give Gauri to them and go, she has no right to live. Om asks who are they to decide for her life, I m the wall in between, if you can try to reach her, try, your misunderstanding to be a man will end, I know this girl is wrong, just law has right to punish her, not you all. He stops the people and asks them to think, they will have same state as Kaali’s men. The lady asks who is she to you, you are risking your life for her. He thinks of Gauri. Om stops them.


Dil Bole Oberoi 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Om fills Gauri’s maang with his blood. He takes rounds around fire. Gauri says how can our ways be different, our marriage. Om says leave about marriage, I don’t want to see your face, there can’t be relation between us ever.

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