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Dil Bole Oberoi 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

Om sees Maya in the fire. Maya turns to Om and asks him for help. Om signs her. He gets shocked seeing her falling in fire. Om falls down too. Some time before, Om and Gauri get inside the factory and find the detective. They see Rahul coming. Om says I thought you waited and left, you were going to give me imp info about Shwetlana. Rahul falls over Om. A little toy falls in the bag. Gauri says knife…. Om asks what secret. Rahul tries to say. Om says we will take him to hospital. Rahul falls dead. Om shouts Rahul.

Om says what’s happening, first father and now this detective, listen, its all a plan, we need to leave from here. Om and Gauri turn to go. The place explodes. Gauri gets tensed seeing fire. Om holds her hand. Saathiya…..plays………… She looks at him.

Om signs her not to worry. They proceed. They cough by the smoke. Om says doors are jammed. Gauri reads the note and says doors should open in such case. He says its chemical factory, poisonous gas will spread in nearby areas, so this happens, there will be some way, wait.

Tej throws Jhanvi’s coffee. He asks what do you think I will do what you say, you think you can make me dance, who the hell are you to tell me how much alimony to give you, I will decide, how did you think I will name all this to you. Maya looks around and walks ahead. Om sees her and recalls. The door shuts. Om sees Maya caught in the fire. He shouts and sees her via glass. Maya shouts for help.

Tej argues with Jhanvi. She says you decide what exactly you want, you have to give alimony in divorce, now times have changed, you can talk to a lawyer. Tej shouts alimony my foot. Om signs Maya he will help. He tries to open the door. Someone is seeing getting chemicals. Gauri looks around. Maya falls down in fire. Om falls down when fire blows out.

Tej says you see how I take divorce without paying alimony, you won’t get anyone’s sympathy, you are forcing me to drag you to court, you see how your respect gets ruined. She says Tej please, I m fed up hearing your threatening, better you use your time and energy in arranging alimony, I need some change. She goes.

Gauri calls out Om. She sees some switch and pulls the lever. The door opens. Gauri calls out Om and says door opened, where are you. Buamaa and Jhanvi throw water in Shwetlana’s room and leave. Gauri goes to Om and says we found exit way, come with me, there is no one. Om says there is a girl here, she will die. He opens the door and gets inside. He sees fire and looks around. Gauri asks whom are you finding, there is no one. Om says that girl was here, we have to save her. She says come, else we will die.

Shwetlana slips and says how did water came in my room. She calls out servants. Buamaa and Jhanvi smile. Shwetlana says anyone there. Buamaa says let her shout and goes. Tej hears Shwetlana and asks what happened. He slips and asks how did this water came. She says don’t know, staff is not listening, they are behaving such with your would be bahu. He says stop saying that. Jhanvi comes with electric wires. Tej asks what are you doing, you got mad, this is very dangerous, we can get electrocuted. Jhanvi says if I throw these wires then… Shwetlana says maybe she got mad. Tej asks are you crazy, you want to kill us. Jhanvi asks what happened, you got shocked when you did not get current, you forgot how you were trying to burn me alive. Tej recalls.

Jhanvi says now you know how it feels when death comes close. He says we can discuss, give the wire to me. She scares him. He shouts stop it and gets back. Shwetlana says no Jhanvi, we can talk. Jhanvi says we will talk, but first we will put this wires down. Tej asks her to stop it.

Om comes home. He thinks I wanted to expose Shwetlana, I saw two innocent people dying and could not save them, after getting too close to truth, I had to come back, they had to lose life because of me. Gauri says I will get water. Om says I want to be alone, leave me alone, please go. Gauri stops herself from holding him and leaves.

Gauri holds her neck. She stumbles and her bag falls down. The toy is seen. She says Om is breaking, I can’t see his state, do something Lord, show your miracle, Om works hard, but his hardwork gets ruined always. She picks the things while talking. She says he was about to know Shwetlana’s secret, someone killed that man who was going to tell secret, he could not say anything. She puts the toy in bag and says I m sure Lord will show some way. She goes.


Dil Bole Oberoi 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Om sleeps and wakes up. He sees Maya and goes to see. He asks who is here, how can this girl be here, I have seen her in factory.

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