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Dil Bole Oberoi 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Om asks Gauri to swear on her Lord and say she is pregnant with his child. Saathiya….plays…. Some time before, Buamaa does Gauri’s aarti and says you gave me big happiness. Jhanvi says I just hope its a girl, after Priyanka went, we miss a daughter. Buamaa says not at all, I want a son. Dadi says it does not matter, body and mind should be healthy. Buamaa says you said right. Buamaa tells Gauri that she wants a son, my Ratan will come back from your womb. Dadi asks Om is he shy. Buamaa asks Om to stand with Gauri and does their aarti. She asks them to go to their room.

Gauri goes to Om and sees him. Om shuts the door. He holds Gauri and makes her sit. He gives her water. He holds her hand and says thanks, everyone was happy today, you gave them big happiness, I should also give you something. He gifts her. She sees the pregnancy test kit inside the box. She asks what’s this. He says pregnancy test kit, it will show you are really pregnant or not, I m sure you are lying, this will prove you are lying, its needed to prove your lie.

She says doctor said this. He says I don’t care, I will believe what I see by my eyes, go and take the test, do as I say, you are so shameless, I m trying to make you leave from this house, you find some reasons, you crossed limit, you did pregnancy drama and playing with my family’s emotions, I will not tolerate this, you are doing this to stay here forever. He says its nothing like that. He says go and take the damn test. She says I don’t know how to do this. He says you can do everything, but not take a test, instructions are written in english and hindi, follow it and take the test. She goes.

Bhavya gets commissioner’s call. He asks did you get that locket. She says no. He says its very imp, I m sure Sultan will try to attack on you, I have sent a parcel for you for your safety, a man is standing outside the house, go and collect it. She goes. Om says why is it taking much time, don’t test my patience, I will count till 5, better be out. Gauri thinks what to do. Om says fine I m coming in. Gauri comes out. He says show me the result. She says I told you this is not needed. He says don’t try to hide your lie, show me the damn result. He snatches the kit from her hand. He gets shocked seeing the result positive.

He says you are pregnant, how can this happen. She says that night, when you had that spiked juice. He recalls and says that’s not possible, nothing happened between us that night. She says truth is in front of us, accept it. He says I can’t. She asks what shall I do that you believe this truth. He says I will tell you and takes her out. She asks him to leave her hand.

Om asks Gauri to swear on her Lord and say she is pregnant with his child. Jhanvi asks what’s wrong with you. Om says I don’t trust her, I don’t believe she is pregnant, and if she is pregnant, then its not my child. Gauri asks what are you saying. Om says you can lie to everyone, but not fool me. She says you are misunderstanding me. He keeps her hand on the diya and says if you saying truth, swear to Lord and say you are pregnant with my child. Saathiya….plays….

Bhavya gets the parcel and smiles seeing the gun. Rudra calls her out. She hides gun under the sweets layer in the box. He asks what’s in this box, why are you tensed. She says nothing. He opens box and sees sweets. She says yes, I ordered sweets. He says let me guess, because Gauri is pregnant. She says yes. He says you are so sweet, I will distribute it. He takes the box. She worries.

Om asks what’s the problem to swear if you are saying truth, accept you are saying truth else you are lying. FB shows Gauri thinking of changing test results. She asks internet aunty to help her and searches. She says adding powder can show pregnancy test positive, it means powder can help me, Lord knows I m doing this for Om’s good, help me, I m doing wrong, but my intentions are not bad. She looks around and gets the powder. She thanks Lord. FB ends. Om leaves her hand and asks what happened, did lie shatter by truth, I knew this pregnancy is a lie. Buamaa asks what’s going on. Om says if you don’t swear, we will believe this is a lie. Buamaa says no, she can’t lie. Om says then tell her to swear.

Gauri keeps hand on diya and swears whatever she is doing is right, its not her plan. She sees Buamaa. Buamaa moves her hand and says she got burnt, you should take care of her, take her to room. Dadi and Buamaa insist. Buamaa says she is not well, lift and take her. Dadi says she is right. Om lifts Gauri and takes her. Saathiya…..plays… Gauri apologizes to Lord and says I had to do this to save my husband, forgive me.


Dil Bole Oberoi 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The shooter sees Bhavya and asks shall I shoot. Om and Gauri come there. The man shoots at Bhavya. Gauri gets shot. Om gets shocked.

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