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Dil Bole Oberoi 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Om asks who’s there. He sees Maya and gets shocked. Gauri sees the toy and says what’s this strange toy doing in my bag. Om asks inspector about the girl. Inspector says I think you have misunderstanding, we got just one body there. Some time before, Tej says Jhanvi you are not in senses. Jhanvi lowers the wires. Tej shouts Shwetlana and holds her. They fall on the bed to get saved. They see media clicking their pics. Tej asks what are you all doing here. The media asks you are with your bahu, does your son know this, is she your mistress, what is all this, answer us. Jhanvi comes and asks Tej what are you doing with Shwetlana, she is your would be bahu, and you Shwetlana you are with your Sasur, I did not see such cheap woman, you should have respected relations, Tej you fell in my eyes today.

Buamaa comes. She says what’s happening, Shwetlana should die, she did not leave seven rooms, she is with father and son, don’t ruin our respect, I can’t take it. She goes. Reporter says your Bua told a lot, do you have to clarify. Tej says get out, if you publish anything against me, I will file defamation case. Media leaves. Jhanvi smiles. Tej says you wait and watch. He goes.

Shwetlana says I thought we are making a new start, I was wrong, I called you mom and you became Saas to plan against bahu, what was the need for all this, mom. Jhanvi says two is company, three is a crowd, I m just clearing the crowd. Shwetlana says you are doing wrong. Jhanvi says every champion loses sometimes, its your turn to lose. Shwetlana says you can do what you can, you will lose in this game, I did not learn to lose ever, you played your move, now wait for my move mom. She goes. Buamaa comes to Jhanvi.

Its night, Om is sleeping. He thinks of the factory incidents. He wakes up. He sees Gauri sleeping. He sees some shadow and looks out of the window. He asks who is here and goes to see. He says maybe its my thought. He comes back to room and turns. He sees Maya’s ghost and gets shocked. He recalls her. She stares at him and goes. He looks out and says how can this be possible, I have seen dying in factory, I wish I could save her, I will always regret, maybe I thought this, I need some rest.

Shwetlana recalls Om’s and Jhanvi’s words and hits knife between her fingers. She says they can try, but they can’t fail me, they can’t know my plan, how did Jhanvi get confidence, maybe she got courage seeing me sitting quiet, I think I have to give them a shock, such that they think what happened, now there will be one arrow and targets will be two. She throws the knife.

Om writes on board. Gauri asks what’s all this. He says its a chart of info and clue, we got clue about Shwetlana, father was found dead, we got the photo, but the girl was someone else, you said you have seen this photo, but some ghunghat lady has taken it, so basically we did not get anything, we got toll booth video from detective, he asked us to meet chemical factory, detective got murdered, we are losing time and clues. Gauri says I know you are worried, I have belief that Lord…. He says please, don’t say this devotion and belief lecture, person gets anything by hardwork and talents, not by blind belief. She says if hardwork is kite, then belief is the thread, doubt will ruin everything, person will pass by belief, I know you don’t believe in Lord, atleast believe yourself.

Om asks how to believe, after so much hardwork, we have zero. Gauri says maybe clue is around us, Shwetlana may be clever, but she would do some mistake I m sure Lord will have some clue for us, detective was saying something boro, what’s boro. Om says I don’t know and leaves.

Gauri sees the toy and says what’s this, strange toy, what is it doing in my bag, I will ask Om. She gets ache on her neck. She says this did not get fine till now, I have to see wound. She keeps the toy and goes. Robot toy starts functioning and walks. Gauri sees the wound and says this has spread much, how did it not get fine, I have to apply medicine, I can’t tell Om, he will ask me to show wound, its aching, what to do. Robot comes towards the room and corridor.

Buamaa says see what I do. Shwetlana comes there and greets Jhanvi. Jhanvi says after doing drama in front of media, you came to do drama again. Shwetlana says saas bahu drama does not suit you, I have no bad feelings, as you are not my Sautan now, you are my saas. Buamaa asks why are you here, what do you want. Shwetlana asks how do you know I came to ask something. Jhanvi says she just knows to snatch. She says what does I have that you came to ask. Shwetlana says your ancestral necklace.

Buamaa says necklace worth 5 crores. Jhanvi says mummy ji gave me that necklace, I will give it to my elder bahu. Shwetlana says I m your would be elder bahu, you got defamed by media drama, I m everything, but not decent, come on, give me the necklace. Buamaa asks her to get out. Shwetlana says I will get the necklace, I will take 5 crores necklace and also revenge of the drama you did in front of media, just wait and watch. She leaves. Robot toy is close to her.

Om says someone stabbed him, he died before reaching us. Inspector says we started investigation, his body will be given to his family after postmortem, we checked all cctv footages of that way, but surprisingly all cctv cameras were off. Om says I m not even surprised, I m sure the person was clever. Inspector says laws can catch culprit, even if culprit is much clever. Om says culprit’s thinking is longer than laws’ hands. Inspector says I will leave. Om asks what about that girl, the documentary film maker, she came in front of me, that explosion happened, she lost her life. Inspector says I think you got misunderstanding, we just got one body of that detective. Om asks are you sure, she came in front of me. Gauri comes. Om says Chulbul you were there, tell inspector about that girl. Gauri says I was saying you, there was no one. Om says you were not there, I have seen her. Inspector says maybe if anyone was there, would have left, we just got one body, you need some rest. He leaves. Om gets thinking.

Shwetlana comes in doli/palanquin. She says this is relation which you are not accepting. She falls down and does drama in front of media. Om and Gauri look on.

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