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Dil Bole Oberoi 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shwetlana says I m going to become Oberoi’s bahu and Om’s wife. Om says yes, we are marrying. Gauri looks on. Saathiya….plays………. Some time before, Robot walks around in corridor. Buamaa asks Tej to have a cup of tea. Tej sits. Jhanvi gives him tea. Buamaa asks Om to come and have tea. Om says no thanks, tea will be bitter even when you add sugar. Buamaa says listen, you have seen neem tree, the fruit is bitter first and then sweet, maybe this will also become sweet, come here, its an order.

Om asks where are you going. Gauri says family is sitting, what’s servant’s work. Om says you are also family, sit. Gauri thinks Om is so good, people keep family as servant, and he is keeping servant as family, how he stopped me. She smiles. Om asks do I pay you to think, come sit. Gauri says yes. She stops seeing a palanquin. Everyone get shocked seeing Shwetlana in bridal dress.

Jhanvi asks what’s this bad drama. Shwetlana says not drama, its a relation, I thought your stone heart can melt seeing me in bahu’s getup, give me blessings. Buamaa says she has become Sati Savitri. Shwetlana says what to do, if role is taken, it has to be done. Jhanvi says we are not interested to see your drama. Shwetlana says but I have interest in your blessing. Jhanvi asks in blessing or in 5 crores necklace. She asks Tej and Om to tell Jhanvi to give the ancestral necklace to her. Jhanvi says just shut up and holds her. Shwetlana falls on the floor. Media enters. Jhanvi worries.

Media clicks Shwetlana’s pics. Jhanvi asks what’s this new drama. Shwetlana says I told you, I will take revenge. She acts and asks media to stop, this happens in every house, Jhanvi is elder, what if she got anger, I got love from mom and dad in this house. Reporter says we heard Jhanvi is going to give a gift to her bahu. Shwetlana asks how did you know, mom is going to give me 5 crores ancestral necklace. Jhanvi thinks of her words. Shwetlana says in fact, she was going to make me wear the necklace, you all came on right time, that controversy will end, everyone will know we are one big happy family, mom please get that necklace.

Jhanvi goes and gets the necklace. Shwetlana says make me wear it, photo will come good. Jhanvi makes her wear the necklace. Shwetlana says come, we will get a picture.

Om says you all got your stories, please leave. Shwetlana says when you all have come, we will make announcement. Om asks what announcement. Shwetlana says marriage announcement, you silly. Om asks her not to do drama. She says this is media, not public, Om is shy, I will make announcement, I m going to become Oberoi’s bahu and Om’s wife. Gauri gets sad. Saathiya….plays…… Shwetlana asks Om to say, else I won’t take a min to ruin your family respect. Om sees Jhanvi. He says yes, we are marrying. Gauri looks on and cries. Shwetlana smiles and says I m so happy. She hugs Om. Saathiya….plays…. Shwetlana says there should be celebration, so I will give a grand performance for my Om.

Shwetlana sings Koi rok sake….. and dances around everyone. Gauri sees Om and recalls their marriage. Jo na keh sake tum…..plays……… Everyone clap. Gauri sees the robot. She recalls keeping it. She asks the robot to stop and runs after it. Shwetlana says now announce our marriage dates. Om says dates are not fixed yet. She says yes, but we have to say something to media, right. Reporter says yes, tell us when is the marriage. Om says actually, till now….. He sees Maya. He recalls Maya and rushes to see. Buamaa says what happened to Om. Shwetlana smiles. Tej says I think you got the headlines for the day, you all can leave. Jhanvi says Om would have imp work, you may go. Tej shouts this press conference is over, please leave, out. The media leaves. Tej looks at Shwetlana.

Om says excuse me, I want to talk to you, what are you doing here. Gauri runs to catch the robot. Om says excuse me, just tell me are you okay or not. Maya looks at him. Gauri gets the robot and says I caught you, now run and show. She sees Om. Om says I just want to talk, nothing else. Gauri says where is Om going. Om goes to hold Maya. The hologram breaks outs by his touch.

Om falls down the railing. Gauri holds his hand and tries to pull him. Shwetlana says this is the price of your work, if anyone knows this, I will really make you a ghost.

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