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Dil Bole Oberoi 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 27th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Gauri looks for something. Shwetlana comes to her room and checks tab. She says Chulbul is in my room. Gauri throws the marbles. Shwetlana stumbles. She sees the robot. Some time before, someone buys 100 rs marbles. The man gives the box and says people have no shame, is this age to play marbles. The person comes home. Om knocks the door and says Chulbul, why are you not answering, are you fine. He gets inside room and says there’s no one here. He sees girl’s clothes and says girl’s clothes in Chulbul’s room, where is he. He calls out Chulbul.

Gauri checks the railing. She says Om said he came here while following that woman, then she disappeared, how there is no way to go out, she would be seen if she fell down, she can’t fly, she is not a bird. She asks Lord to help her so that she can understand and make Om understand.

Om sees her and calls out. She sees her dress in his hand and worries. He asks what’s this. She thinks what’s my dress doing with Om. He says don’t lie, I got to know everything, its your girlfriend’s clothes. Gauri asks what, no, its not my girlfriend’s clothes, how can it be. Om asks what, it means one night stand. Gauri asks what stand. Om says I mean it happens in today’s times, guy and girl do not know each other and … just for one night.

Gauri says Chee, I m not such a guy, I m married. Om asks what, are you married, why did you not tell me, is this your wife’s clothes. Gauri thinks what did I say, now I can’t deny. She says yes, I m married, its my wife’s clothes. She comes downstairs and takes dress from him. Om says your wife stays here and I don’t know, you stay in my room as your room has rats, where does your wife stay. Gauri says you are misunderstanding, my wife’s clothes are here, but she is not here. He asks why. She says she left. He asks why. She says she left me. He asks why. She says she did not love me, what shall I say, my sad story, actually….. my marriage happened in helplessness, she had to marry me but the marriage did not mean to her, so she left me and went. She cries.

Om thinks of Gauri and their marriage. Saathiya…..plays……….She asks what are you thinking. He says I was thinking, your wife did right, marriage done by helplessness has no meaning. She cries and says it means to me, so I decided she accepts marriage or not, I will believe it, love is worship for me, and I will do worship with all belief. Om says nonsense, this does not happen, clap does not sound by one hand, two persons are needed to run a relation, not one. Gauri says no, I m enough to keep my love, because love is given, not asked or snatched. Om asks how can a person live with one sided love. She says its speciality of love, person forgets himself, he just wishes his lover’s happiness. Saathiya…..plays………..

Om says anyways, its all useless talk, what are you doing here. Chulbul says I was trying to understand what happened. Om says you are not here to understand, you came here to help me or give Gyaan, get two cups coffee in my office, someone is coming, make it quick. He goes.

The man tells Om about the latest projector’s features. Gauri gets coffee. Gauri sees the projector. She thinks wow, wall is made tv, its great thing. She waves her hand in front and sees the shadow. She recalls Maya. She thinks it means its seen, but its not there, its just light. She smiles.

She goes to Shwetlana’s room and says I will look for such machine here. She hears sound and hides. Shwetlana comes from washroom and thinks to see what are Jai Veeru doing. She checks the tracker on tab and says what, Chulbul is in my room, did this get hang, no, its working fine, it means Chulbul is here, I got tracker in him, how can it be wrong. Gauri throws marbles. Shwetlana says what’s this sound, who is there. She stumbles by stepping on marbles. She says how did these marbles come here. She gets shocked seeing the robot. She takes it and says you scared me, you troubled me, you will be punished. She throws the robot and gets shocked seeing hologram machine down. She says oh no, my machine. Gauri looks on. Shwetlana thinks to go to that girl again. She checks machine and says its not getting on, I have to fix this. Gauri thinks is this that machine which I was finding, its damaged, now I will see how Shwetlana scares Om.

Shwetlana looks around and leaves. Jhanvi stops her. Shwetlana thinks what happened to her. She says mom, you here, any problem. Jhanvi smiles and says problem is asking about problem. Shwetlana says don’t tell me you stopped me to tell this. Jhanvi says no, I stopped you to show your status. Shwetlana says you are forgetting, I have Oberoi’s ancestral necklace, that proves what’s my status. Jhanvi claps. Servant gets the ancestral necklace. Shwetlana gets shocked. Jhanvi asks are you saying about this necklace. Shwetlana says how dare you open my closet without my permission, how did you get keys. Jhanvi says come on Shwetlana, who else will have keys than house owners, I don’t need anyone’s permission to take my necklace in my house, by the way, you are a guest here, you should not try to become owner.

Shwetlana says I have no time for this nonsense. She takes necklace and asks servant to get out. Jhanvi takes necklace from her. She says this is our ancestral necklace, just my bahu has right on it, not you. She drops the necklace box down. She gets acid and pours on it. Shwetlana and Tej get shocked. Tej asks what are you doing. Jhanvi smiles. They get back seeing the acid bottle. Jhanvi drops it down. They get away. Tej asks what’s wrong with you. Jhanvi says it was my necklace, I can do anything, I burnt. Shwetlana sits to see ashes. Jhanvi says you were this house’s employee, servant, my husband’s mistress, you were down before and you are still down. Shwetlana says you are mad Jhanvi, you burnt and ruined an expensive necklace. Jhanvi says don’t worry, it was fake, real necklace is where it should be. She shows the necklace in her neck. She says necklace is at its real place, with Mrs. Tej Singh Oberoi. She smiles and goes.


Dil Bole Oberoi 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Shwetlana says Jhanvi is forgetting I have her weakness in my control, for her every mistake, I will punish Om, I will make them cry blood tears. Maya falls down by the string fixed. Om says it means she is not a spirit, she is a human, whoever it is, the person stays in this house. Gauri says I think the person’s eyes are on us. Shwetlana smiles and says and the game begins. Om says let the game begin….

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