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Dil Bole Oberoi 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 29th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Om says you are the one, you are my would be wife’s boyfriend, I m very glad meeting you. Tej looks at Om. Om dances on the table. Some time before, Shwetlana keeps the tray and her purse. She says Omkara…. what happened, why are you seeing me as if you don’t know me. Om says Sshhh, and signs. He says there, someone is there, wearing white dress, loose hair. Gauri smiles. Shwetlana says there is no one, its just statues. He says she is staring at me, even Chulbul can’t see her. Shwetlana thinks I thought it will take time, but Om’s wicket fell down soon. He says why don’t anyone believe me. She says relax, there is no one, I think you need rest, Chulbul take care of Om, inform me if anything happens. She says I arranged family breakfast today, I would have been glad if you joined,but you can’t come as you are not fine, please rest Om. She thinks now its time for my masterstroke. She goes.

She takes a garland to the picture wall and sees Om’s photo. Om asks how did you like my acting, will Shwetlana agree. She says yes, she should agree, acting was very good, she will be sure that you got mad. He says fine then, come I have to show something. He shows the knife. Gauri worries. Om does kung fu stunts and stabs Gauri. She gets shocked and stumbles. She holds her stomach and says why did blood not expel, did I become ghost. She collides with Om and says I did not become ghost, how did I not die. Om says because this is fake, its a toy, it goes in on hitting. She laughs and says I thought I m gone, its funny toy. He asks was acting better or not. She says very good, for whom did you get this knife. He says to scare that spirit, I will scare her and make Shwetlana believe that I have gone mad. Gauri says when I m get scared, she will also get scared. He says now our game begins. She says it means you are thinking to go on Shwetlana’s family breakfast. He says shall we. She says yes. Hum se tum dosti karlo….plays………… They act and laugh. She gets emotional. He hugs her.

Buamaa sees the garland on Jhanvi’s photo and says what did this happen, I m getting angry bird, who did this. Tej comes and asks what happened. She signs him to see. He sees the garland on Jhanvi’s photo. He says who did this, when she is alive. Buamaa asks are you not ashamed to do this. He says I did not do. She says who did then, you are her life’s enemy, you can do this, say sorry to her. He says what nonsense, if I did not do anything, why will I apologize. She says apologize. Jhanvi says no Buamaa, I know Tej, he can fall low, but not to this level. Buamaa says who can fall so low. Jhanvi recalls Shwetlana’s words and says Shwetlana. Buamaa asks where is she. Maid says Shwetlana is waiting for you all in lawn for family breakfast. Buamaa goes and scolds her. Shwetlana asks did you not like my joke. Buamaa asks is she your sister in law that you will joke. Shwetlana says I had to do this to call Jhanvi here. Buamaa says this is called cheap thing. Shwetlana apologizes to Jhanvi and says my intentions were not bad, I made breakfast myself.

She asks maid to go, nothing will come from outside. She says I called you all to say something imp, I think Om’s mental state is not fine. Buamaa scolds her. Jhanvi says I m sure this is also your joke. Shwetlana says I don’t joke when its about my would be husband, if you don’t believe, look there.

Om drinks and dances with girls on Thodi si ji jo pili hai….. Gauri laughs and catches a candy. Omkara breaks wine bottles. He dances with Gauri and Shwetlana. They get shocked. Buamaa makes Om sit and asks are you okay. Om says what happened to me, I m okay, but she does not let me stay okay, look there, I can see her everywhere. Buamaa asks who. He says she is here, but she is not, she is seen but does not come in front, she is troubling me. He sees Tej and asks excuse me, who are you, you are the one, my would be wife’s boyfriend. He laughs and shakes hands with Tej, saying I m very glad meeting you, I must say, our choice matches, she is so beautiful.

Buamaa takes Om. Tej goes. Buamaa asks Jhanvi to hold him. They take Om. Shwetlana says brilliant performance, Om is a good actor, but not so good that he can fool me, I know you are acting mad, how do you know, do you want to know. She sees the video of Om and Chulbul. She says I have fixed camera in that handbag, you wanted to fool me, the fact is you got fooled, I wanted you to act mad, you started acting mad, you are doing what I want, I have to change toy knife. She sharpens a knife. She asks servant to get all knives for sharpening, Om’s room also has a knife, get it without disturbing him. Servant goes and takes knife. Om is sleeping.

Jhanvi asks what’s all this. Shwetlana says I m sharpening knife. Jhanvi asks why is Om behaving such, I know you are behind this. Shwetlana says Om is seeing a girl who is troubling me, how am I involved. Jhanvi shouts tell me why you are doing this. Shwetlana says okay fine, I m doing this, I m making Om mad, you wanted to hear this, now happy, go…..


Dil Bole Oberoi 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Om runs after Maya with knife. Gauri gets a knife and says if this is here, which knife Om has. Maya asks Maya to stop, else he will stab her. Maya reaches Jhanvi’s room and stands near the door, asking him to stab her. Om goes to stab her. Jhanvi opens the door. Maya moves away. Gauri comes in front of Jhanvi and gets stabbed. Shwetlana looks on.

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