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Dil Bole Oberoi 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Buamaa says this wait was long Ratan, but it will end now, your mum has set everything. Gauri hears her. Anika says did Pinky change her plan. Pinky asks Anika did she not get mehendi in other hand. She asks what’s this. They all get shocked seeing… Some time before, Anika asks Om to do the rasam like a good husband, will you refuse to me. Om says no, we will do the rasam. She goes. Om says I get tangled in rasams, why did you involve Anika. Gauri says I did not tell her. Om says I know you told her. She says I did not go to her, fine I will wear bangles and say you made me wear it. She gets hurt by the bangle. Om asks her can’t she be careful. He makes her sit and does the aid. She says I got hurt and you got worried. He says I would do same if there was anyone in your place, if you have to wear bangles, be careful. Teri yaad mein……plays…. She wears bangles. She thinks of him. Om holds her hand.

Bhavya’s friend asks her not to be scared. Rudra says you here… Bhavya drops the plate and gets scared. Rudra says I was lost in your thoughts, I did not know when I reached barber and when he has cut my beard, what happened. She says you please don’t talk to me, if anyone sees, don’t know what will they think about me. He says I know holding hand is not allowed, is talking an issue. She says we are not free. He says you mean you have no windows at home. She says no, I mean I m not allowed to talk to guys. He holds her hand. Jeene laga hoon……plays…..

He says you told me the story. She asks him to leave her hand. He asks her to free her hand herself. She says anyone will see, Sushma will come. He says let anyone come. He asks what do you want. He says talking to you. She says you can talk by leaving hand. He says why do you cry, you know our age people meet and exchange numbers, you would be having friends. She says I have few friends, I have to take permission at home if I go with them. He asks do you stay at home or jail. She says my family worries for me, I told my family I m going city garden with Pooja tomorrow. He says oh, you are going city garden tomorrow. She says yes, you don’t reach there. He asks why. She says please don’t come. He smiles and nods. She goes. She calls commissioner and says Rudra will reach in city garden, its time to make that criminal escape the prison. He says alright, let’s execute the plan then.

Buamaa sees someone inside the huge box. Buamaa says this wait was long Ratan, but it will end now, you will come back, your mum has set everything. Gauri hears her and says I feel like Bumaa is talking to someone. Buamaa says see how your mum brings you back in this world. Gauri enters. Buamaa shuts the box. Gauri says I was going to knock door, it opened. Buamaa says its fine. Gauri says I felt you are talking to someone. Buamaa says no, why did you come to my room, do you want something. Gauri says I came to call you for mehendi rasam. She thinks how can this happen. Buamaa was talking to someone. Buamaa takes her.

Kamini says I told you to kidnap Priyanka, not to beg Oberois. Ranveer asks how do you know. She says leave it, why did you do this. He says Priyanka challenged me, it was no use. She says Priyanka can be yours, you do what I tell you. He says since childhood, I m doing same, nothing happened, Priyanka did not agree. She says she will agree, if golden bird does not come in our cage, how will we become rich. He asks her to stop it. She says so much sympathy with Priyanka, my son became of Oberois and now you, did you fall in true love with Priyanka, if its so, forget her, you can do this for me. He nods.

Rudra comes to city garden and sees Bhavya. He says she is different, she is not like a girl, she is like old hindi songs, she is first girl who did not pay my attention, no Bhavy from Bhavya, I m running after her when girls run after me usually, its time to show my magic. He greets her. She asks you here. He says you are behaving as if you did not know I m going to come here. She thinks does this stupid know my plan. He says you called me. She asks when did I call you. He says you said you are going city garden with Pooja, I have picked your hint. She asks him to go. He says your friend is seeing us, I don’t think she will tell anyone. Pooja says I won’t say. He says very smart. She says I think I should leave. He jokes. Pooja goes. He holds Bhavya’s hand. She says leave my hand. He asks her to free her hand.

Anika gets mehendi applied. She thinks to find out whom is Pinky meeting at 7. She sees Pinky gone. She thinks its going to be 7, Pinky would have gone to Shivaye. Anika says Shivaye’s name is written, its enough, I will get mehendi on other hand later, Gauri you get mehendi applied. Gauri says her husband’s name Omkara. Om looks on. Anika goes and thinks to wait, its going to be 7. She says Pinky is not here, maybe she changed plan or meeting place, I should go, Shivaye would be finding me. She goes. Someone holds the door. Anika thinks Pinky was not in garden, where did she go. She sees Pinky and thinks why did Pinky not go in garden. Pinky asks her to show her mehendi. Pinky asks Anika did she not get mehendi in other hand. She asks what’s this. They all get shocked seeing…

Dil Bole Oberoi 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Someone shoots the prisoner. Bhavya pushes Rudra. The prisoner falls over Rudra. Rudra sees the blood on his tshirt and gets shocked.

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