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Dil Bole Oberoi 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 31st March 2017 video watch online HD on

Om holds Shwetlana’s neck. Tej says stop it, did you get mad. Om says let her die. Om talks to Gauri. She changes and says done. He sees her. Some time before, Jhanvi asks doctor to come. Doctor checks Gauri. Jhanvi says don’t worry Om, Doctor Dang is the best. Dang says its good you called me here, if you took him to hospital it would have been police case, I will give injection, rest will be alright. Om recalls Gauri’s words and goes.

Shwetlana asks Tej to have tea, its your fav. Tej takes a cup. Shwetlana asks Buamaa to have tea. Om comes and throws the tray away. He holds Shwetlana’s neck. Tej says are you mad Om, stop it. Buamaa says she will die. Om says let her die, Chulbul got hurt because of her. Tej pushes him. He says what’s your problem, you did engagement with Shwetlana

to show me down, you danced like mad on table and then stabbed Chulbul, you are blaming Shwetlana, I know your drama, you left business and made statues, you stopped calling me father and then drugs, you did bad thing with Shwetlana, did you do anything that I get proud of you, Shwetlana went to help Chulbul first, I know Shwetlana better than everyone.

Jhanvi says yes, we can’t know her, Shwetlana I don’t know why you called me in law, why did you ask me to stop Om by opening door. Shwetlana says I told you to stop Om from doing wrong. Tej says you got after Shwetlana. Jhanvi says Shwetlana is making Om mad. Tej says Om is not a kid that anyone makes him mad. Shwetlana says I know you don’t like me, but such a big blame, no… She cries. Buamaa scolds her. Tej says Buamaa you can’t curse Shwetlana, we can clearly see Om did mistake. Jhanvi says Om is not wrong. Tej says Om is always wrong. They argue. Buamaa and Om go. Shwetlana thinks their cat and mouse fight will go on, I m happy that my work is done, I had to do some acting but now none will doubt on me. She goes.

Dang says I must say he is a brave boy, he took the pain, I did not give local anesthesia. Om asks is any test needed. Dang says no, I have to check medicine side effect in some intervals. Om says okay, you can stay in guest room. Dang says fine, but get his clothes changes, they are soaked in blood. Om says I will. Dang goes. Gauri thinks Om will change my clothes, no I won’t let this happen.

Shwetlana follows Dang. He goes and shuts the room. She thinks who is this doctor. Om asks Gauri to get up, he will change clothes. Gauri says no, I will do, clothes are not here. Om calls servant and asks him to go to his room and get Chulbul’s clothes. He gets busy on call. Gauri goes to change, while telling Om about the clothes. She says its done. Om sees her and says you changed, when. Gauri says just now, you know I… She falls on Om. He holds her. Saathiya….plays…….

Shwetlana asks Maya to come out. Maya comes out of cupboard. Shwetlana gives money and says I will call you when needed, come. Maya asks whose bag is this. Shwetlana sees Dang’s bag and says what’s this bag doing here. She hears sound from washroom and signs Maya to go. Maya goes. Shwetlana picks a vase and says flowers have no work in this vase, it will be useful for me. She throws flowers. Dang asks who is it. She takes vase and asks him to come out. She goes to hit him and sees him with foam on his face. She asks him to wash face and come. Om says wash your face, you have to check patient, he fainted. He asks Shwetlana to change her doings. She asks why do you doubt on me, I did not do anything. He signs her to be away. He says I don’t want to argue. He thinks once I get your secret in my hand, see how I throw out out of house. She thinks I m waiting for marriage, once marriage happens, I will make family dance on my fingers. Dang goes with Om. She says who is this doctor, why is his bag giving me uncomfortable vibes, I have to find out.

Dang says because of much bleeding, he got weak and fainted. Jhanvi says don’t know what relation I have with you, you save my life again and again. Gauri thanks Lord to give her happiness, I should always help Om and family.

Tej stops Shwetlana and holds her close. He asks are you going after Om. She thinks he is the only one who is loyal to me, he can be useful for me. She says I m after you, thanks for trusting and supporting me, else they made plan to frame me. He says its not easy to trap you, just I can do that, Om can’t even touch you till I m here. Buamaa keeps Shwetlana away. She taunts Shwetlana.

Shwetlana says Tej and I are friends first, then bahu and sasur. Buamaa argues. Shwetlana says your mentality is typical reserved and cheap type. Buamaa shouts get out. Shwetlana holds Tej and says I will see you later. She goes. Buamaa asks Tej what’s going on. Tej goes. Buamaa says I have to see this bad woman.

Jhanvi asks Dang to treat Chulbul well, he is like family member. Dang asks her not to worry. Gauri thinks I feel like I m at my home, even after I came away from home. Dang says I will go, I will come tomorrow morning for checkup. He sees Shwetlana and gets tensed. Om says this is Shwetlana, my fiancee, do you both know each other. She says I don’t know him, don’t know he knows me or not. Dang says I don’t know her. She thanks him. He runs. Om thinks what happened to doctor suddenly. Dang falls down and runs.

Om thinks of Dang’s reaction. He thinks why did Dang get scared, he surely knows her since before. Dang comes home and locks door and windows. He takes the inhaler pump. FB shows Shwetlana coming to Dang’s house. She asks him to save her friend. He asks where is she. She shows him the girl. He asks what happened. The girl says I have much pain in my stomach. He checks her. Shwetlana smiles. FB ends. He says what shall I do, last time I got saved, this time she will kill me. Shwetlana laughs and world is really small, my past came walking to Om, before doctor Dang exposes my secret, I have to shut his mouth. Om thinks I m sure he knows something about Shwetlana’s past. Dang check some files and throws. Shwetlana laughs and says Shwetlana’s secret will always be secret. Even if I have to kill anyone knowing my secret.


Dil Bole Oberoi 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shwetlana says death is old thing, Doctor Dang, I have to kill him, but this time way should be unique, by what new way shall I kill Dang.

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