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Dil Bole Oberoi 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Gauri picks a cassette and sees Ratan written on it. Buamaa takes it from her. Gauri asks Om who is Ratan. He asks from where did you hear this name. She says Buamaa…. Some time before, Rudra sends Pooja. He holds Bhavya’s hand. Jeene laga hoon….plays….. Commissioner talks to jailer. He says its time to leave the criminal. The criminal is released. Buamaa consoles Priyanka. Gauri asks her to have some food. Priyanka says I have to talk to Ranveer. Buamaa says its not possible. Priyanka says please just once. She cries. Buamaa hugs her. She asks Gauri to explain her. She goes.

Gauri says I don’t know I have right to say or not, I will just say, keep belief in heart, belief gives a flight to our dreams, if you think you did right, and Ranveer is right life partner, have belief in your love, everything will be fine. Priyanka hugs her and says I hope what you said turns true.

Bhavya says I know everything, how are Mumbai boys, they time pass with small town girls then those poor girls can’t show face anywhere. Rudra says I m not city guy of hindi films, you are not any village girl, I just want to talk, we will talk over coffee, don’t say you just have lassi. She looks around. Criminal runs on the road. Police follows.

Gauri says I have to talk to you. Om says you don’t need to talk about my family matters, you have no right. She says whatever happened is affecting Shivaye and Anika’s relation, its making them away, I feel she is innocent. He says I can’t believe, I don’t think she will support Ranveer. She says Shivaye also knows, can’t we do anything to end their distance, I have an idea. He says stop, I don’t want to hear your stupid ideas, you don’t need to interfere in my family matters, you are a guest, don’t try to become part of my family. She says I was just finding a solution. He says no need, if you really want to help, leave them alone. He goes.

Rudra holds Bhavya. They have an eyelock. He says I have connection with kanji eyes since childhood, my brother has such eyes, I have seen anger and love in them, I did not see such lovely eyes till now, your eyes have done magic on me, I know you will feel my words are filmi, but I did not see such beautiful eyes ever. She asks what are you saying. He says even I don’t know. They hear gun shot and turn to see. They get shocked seeing the criminal. She says I think police is following this criminal. He asks why is he coming towards us. Some men come in a jeep. A man shoots the criminal. Rudra gets shocked. Bhavya pushes Rudra. Criminal falls over Rudra.

Rudra sees the blood on his tshirt. The man signs Rudra and leaves. Rudra asks why is he signing us. Bhavya says they are threatening to kill us. He asks why. She says we have seen the murder happening. Police comes. Rudra asks why is police signing towards us. She murmurs he is a big donkey. She says because we are crime witness. Rudra says we just saw, we did not do. She says yes, but police will catch us, the murderer will kill us so that we don’t give statement against him. He asks what to do now. She says there is just one way, run. She holds his hand and they run.

Buamaa scolds servants. Gauri hears her. She asks what happened. Buamaa says I told them not to touch my things, don’t know where they kept my valuable things. Gauri says I will help. Buamaa looks for something in the junk. Gauri picks a cassette and sees Ratan written on it. Buamaa takes it from her. She says you have thrown my valuable things in dustbin. Servant says sorry, we thought its waste. Buamaa says nothing is waste in my room, don’t come in my room without permission, out. She asks Gauri to go. Gauri thinks strange Buamaa got angry for old cassette. She goes.

Rudra and Bhavya come to some godown. They have an eyelock. Jeene laga hoon….plays…. Goons come. Something goes in her eye. Rudra blows in her eye. Goon comes there. They hide. Bhavya holds her. He looks at her.

Bhavya covers her bluetooth. Bhavya asks did goons go. Rudra asks goons. He says I will check and come. He goes. She says what’s wrong with me, I m on mission. Senior says its time for next step, check the things around. Bhavya checks a carton and gets a vase. Rudra sees goons gone. Cartons fall down. He gets scared seeing a shadow.

Gauri comes to Om. Gauri asks Om who is Ratan. He gets shocked. He says you should not take this name again. He asks from where did you hear this name. She says Buamaa…. He says don’t interfere in my family matters. She says I did not do anything, I just asked. He asks is it necessary that you know everything, if you take this name again, none will be worse than me. He goes. She says so much anger on taking a name, like I have kept hand on his aching vein, what’s the matter, who is this Ratan, what’s his connection with Buamaa and Om.


Dil Bole Oberoi 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Bhavya says I m scared, take me out of here. Rudra says don’t cry, I have a car, I will drop you, its on either side of the garden, we have to run there, ready…. He forwards his hand.

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