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Dil Bole Oberoi 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

Om holds Shwetlana hand to make her wear the shagun bangle. Rat crawls to Shwetlana’s feet. Shwetlana screams and gets away. The bangle falls and goes to Gauri. Gauri picks it and cries. Some time before, Om says I m doing Roka with Shwetlana right now. Gauri thinks of Om and cries. Saathiya….plays……..Om holds Shwetlana hand to make her wear the shagun bangle. Deva shree ganesha…..plays……….. A rat sitting near the idol goes to Shwetlana. Tej looks at Shwetlana and Om. Gauri cries. Rat crawls to Shwetlana’s feet. Shwetlana screams and gets away while kicking the rat. The bangle falls and goes rolling to Gauri. Gauri picks it and cries. Om signs her to give the bangle. Gauri gives it to Om. Om makes Shwetlana wear bangle. She smiles. Om turns to Tej and says roka is done, come Shwetlana, lets take elder’s blessings, first your Sasur ji’s blessing. Om and Shwetlana bend to touch Tej’s feet. Om asks Tej will he not bless his would be bahu. Tej gets miffed and goes.

Shwetlana says wow, what a surprise, I did not think my roka will happen today, thanks Om, I m happy, I will never forget this day, I think its too late, you should go and rest. Rudra takes Jhanvi. Shwetlana says Chulbul, you would be with Om. Gauri thinks of Om and Shwetlana and goes crying. She asks Lord was it not enough that you got me here, now you gave me one more sorrow, Om is doing second marriage, I promised I will not become burden on him, promising is easy but keeping promise is tough, my husband is getting married with an older woman, I know I have no complains with him as he did not promise me, you have put me in this problem, give me strength to bear this, I will stay here for 3 months, don’t let my belief break. Shwetlana comes and says what an idiot, I did not keep you here to talk to idols, go to Om’s room, keep an eye on him, you remember what you have to do, what he does, whom he calls, who calls him, I want to know everything.

Gauri says he is your would be husband, husband and wife should have trust. Shwetlana says I don’t need to learn this from servant. Gauri says you are older than him. Even then he held your hand in front of family and did roka, it means he wants to make relation with him. Shwetlana says you are saying Woh as if you are his would be wife. Gauri thinks of marriage. Shwetlana says if you mention about our age difference, it won’t be good for you, just a woman can understand relations, when a girl gets married, she has many fears and concerns about future husband, I want to know what Om thinks about me, I m worried for him. Gauri says yes, I can find out staying away, what’s need to be in his room. Shwetlana says remember you are servant and I m your master, go now, you are behaving like you are Om’s newly wedded wife and I m sending you to celebrate suhaagraat with him, go to his room, come. She takes Gauri and pushes her inside Om’s room. She leaves.

Gauri says what shall I do now. Om asks are you talking to the door. Gauri turns to him and thinks I came to husband’s room for the first time as a guy. She says I was feeling shy. Om corrects her and thinks of Gauri. Gauri asks what happened. Om says nothing. Gauri sets his bed. Om says leave it, I will do my work. Gauri says its my duty, as you are my husband. Om looks at her. Gauri says you are Shwetlana’s would be husband. Om says even then I can do my work. Gauru smiles seeing Om’s paintings, colors, photos of Om, Shivaye and Rudra. She says he is your elder brother right, is he own? Om says more than own brother, if you got info about my family tree, shall I sleep, you sleep on couch. She asks couch? He says that sofa.

Gauri says I will sleep on ground, as I m connected to ground since childhood. Om says get that medicine. Om unbuttons his kurta. Gauri sees him and screams what are you doing. She eats supari to talk in manly voice. Om says what can I do when I have wound on back, apply ointment. Gauri asks how can I apply. Om asks why can’t you apply. Gauri says my shirt is new, if it gets stained. Om says then remove shirt and apply. Gauri asks don’t you have shame, did you sell shame and got three soaps for your long hair. Om asks is your mind fine, why are you behaving like a girl, come here, apply medicine. Gauri sees wound on his back and recalls. She asks did this wound not heal till now. Om asks how do you know when I got this wound. Gauri says it looks fresh wound, so I asked. Om says fine, apply ointment Chulbul, hurry up. Gauri takes ointment and applies to him. Om feels current. Gauri too feels the same. Om looks at Gauri.

Shwetlana searches for a bottle and says I want that bottle at any cost. She gets crazy to find the bottle. Om says see your hands, its like girls, start going to gym with Rudra, you roam in vests in two months, your hands will get tough. Gauri asks why will I roam wearing vest, I m good valued house guy, even I bath wearing shirt. Om says why is your everything similar to girls, anyways apply medicine. He sits back and says come on apply. Gauri says I can’t, you keep this, I can’t touch any stranger, I have kept Shankar ji fast. She lies down to sleep. Om looks on and says this is so weird, even if girls touched me before… is Rudra saying right, it maybe static electricity….. Maa da laadla music plays………. He lies to sleep.

Someone gets a box and calls saying the items are here. Gauri takes pillow and asks Lord to help her, Om is sleeping there, sorry I can’t do this. She goes out of the room. Wires fall over her. She reacts in Bareilly language. Om hears her. Om sees her and comes. He asks what did you say. She worries.


Dil Bole Oberoi 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shwetlana asks Om to sign contract, I want guarantee that you will never cheat me. Om asks if I don’t sign then… She says I have option T, Tej Singh Oberoi.

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