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Dil Bole Oberoi 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 4th March 2017 video watch online on

Rudra asks who will fall first, Chulbul or your spotlight. Om rushes to help Gauri and holds spotlight. Rudra sings Maa da laadla…. Gauri sees Om. Some time before, Om asks Gauri what did you say. Gauri says I said I m trapped. Om says I can see that, what’s your problem. She says I was going to have water, and this fell on me. He asks do you fall in problems yourself. She says I will manage. Om says wait, I will help. Gauri says no, I will do it myself. Om says I know you kept fast, but I can’t leave you trapped in wires. Om touches her and the bulbs glow. She sees him. Dekha hai pehli baar….plays……. He says wonderful, you are glowing like christmas tree. She says but…. and signs to help. He helps her and removes the wires. They see each other. Om drops the wires down and gets away from her. He gives her his hand.

She looks at him. He nods. She holds his hand. They feel current by their touch. Maa da laadla …plays…….. He gets Gauri out of the wires and holds her. Gauri gets away. Saathiya…..plays………..Om signs as if he is reminding himself he has to leave and goes. Gauri smiles.

Shwetlana desperately looks for some bottle. She throws the things and messes the room. She says no one can see me in this state, my truth can’t come out soon. She observes some skin change, allergy on her neck and says no, I have to stop this. She throws vase and breaks the mirror. Jhanvi hears sound and comes to her, asking Shwetlana what happened. Shwetlana sweats in tension and says Jhanvi can’t see me in this state. I have to do something.

Someone takes a wood cutting machine from the box. Jhanvi enters Shwetlana’s room and asks Shwetlana what happened to you. Shwelana comes with face pack applied to her. She asks why did you come here mom. Jhanvi says you can’t call me mom, I heard some sound and wanted to check if you are fine. Shwetlana asks really, do you care for me so much, I was finding face pack. Jhanvi asks what’s that face pack, that you messed up the room. Shwetlana says I wanted to look best as my marriage is close, I broke the mirror as I was not getting facepack, well thanks for the concern. She shows the door to Jhanvi. Jhanvi leaves.

Gauri is restless and thinks how to sleep. She goes to the other side so that she does not see Om’s face. She rests to sleep. Shwetlana says if I don’t get that bottle, everyone will know my truth, where did I keep that bottle. She checks a box and gets the bottle. She says this bottle will end today, I have to go there at any cost, I will go there tomorrow, Chulbul will help me.

Om turns to Gauri’s side. Gauri gets restless seeing his face again. She prays and says I can’t sleep this way, I can’t go out of room and can’t stay in room to see his face, what to do. She gets an idea and slides under the bed. She says I will sleep here, atleast I will not see Om’s face. She sleeps.

Jhanvi thinks what’s this box, who kept this here. She sees some shadow. The person with the cutting machine goes. Its morning, Gauri does puja. Om asks what are you doing, this is my bedroom, not temple. Gauri says so what, the place where there are so many idols is like temple. She does Om’s aarti. Om says stop it, I m not idol or Lord. Gauri says but you are husband. Om stops and asks why. She says nothing. He says I don’t believe all this, okay. Gauri asks what, don’t you believe in Lord.

Om says I don’t, why do you believe in Lord. Gauri says yes because Lord is Lord. Om says weak believe in Lord, and I m not weak. She says there is no power bigger than belief. Om says person makes fate on own, he does not need Lord, belief is person’s weakness, not strength, believe yourself than Lord, this won’t happen in my room. Gauri says maybe someone broke your trust, so you became such. He thinks of Gauri’s words. Gauri says I mean I won’t do puja from tomorrow, take aarti. He refuses. She asks what. He asks her to send lamp for repair.

Om and Rudra have a talk about Shwetlana. Rudra says she is clever and is not letting us know anything, did you not get any details, we have to follow her. Om says how can we find, if professionals could not find anything. He calls Rudra stupid and makes him hold magazine right. Rudra sees Chulbul and asks Om to say who will fall first, Chulbul or your spotlight. Gauri manages the heavy spotlight by difficulty. It is about to fall. Om goes and helps Gauri. They both hold the spotlight. Rudra sees them and sings Maa da laadla…….. Om and Gauri get hands away. Om asks current? Rudra says current by off spotlight, it can happen unless you are walking on such path where you get current by Chulbul, instead Bulbul, I will love you and hug you from far. Om asks Gauri to leave. She goes. Rudra says I think your screws got loose being scared for Shwetlana, I m scared for Chulbul. Om asks are you mad. Rudra says I thought you will get beautiful Bhabhi, you are getting Jija ji. Om asks him to shut up.

Shwetlana gets some papers and asks Om to sign it. Om asks what’s this. She says pre nuptial agreement, all conditions are written it it. He asks why. She says its for my security, I want guarantee that yiu will never cheat me. He says in short you doubt on me. She says well you can say I don’t trust you, in fact I don’t trust anyone, not even myself, you never know what happens in life. He asks what’s written in this. She says 100 crores, and your property and shares of Oberoi empire, I will have equal rights on it, anyways husband’s everything belongs to wife after marriage, this is just a formality. Rudra asks Om not to sign. Om asks what if I don’t sign. She says then I have plan T, Tej Singh Oberoi, your father. Om and Rudra look on angered.


Dil Bole Oberoi 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Someone goes to kill Jhanvi. Gauri sees the person and rushes to Om. Om calls someone and asks for all info about Shwetlana. She tells about Jhanvi. Om and Rudra rush.

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