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Dil Bole Oberoi 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 5th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Gauri thanks Shankar ji and says now I will not lie to Om, I will tell him I m not a guy Chulbul, I m Gauri Kumari Sharma. Some time before, Om says Chulbul, we have to find doctor before Shwetlana, we will go in and see. He calls out doctor. Gauri says maybe we get something in this bag. She checks it. Snake comes close.

Shwetlana gets plates for Buamaa. Buamaa asks Tej to have food and go. Tej says sorry, I m in hurry. She says what’s the difference by 10 mins. He sits. She says lunch is special, Shwetlana made roti. Shwetlana says why are you surprised, I m do anything. Buamaa says so we are afraid, you will eat roti first. Gauri says we checked everywhere. Om says he is not here. Gauri asks what’s this, I got it in hand, it looks like…. Om asks what is it. She gets snake out and gets shocked. She throws the snake and hugs Om. Saathiya…..plays………

Buamaa says I will serve roti to you. She gives roti to Shwetlana. He sees roti and then looks at Shwetlana. She smiles. Buamaa gets bhaang roti for Shwetlana. Shwetlana thanks her and sees the roti. She says how did this roti get round. She sees Jhanvi and Buamaa. She says I think roti got round while practicing, I can do anything. Buamaa says you can do a lot. Shwetlana eats. She gets drunk and laughs.

Om says we will leave from here. They get shocked seeing snake at the door. They get back. Snake falls on Om from the ceiling fan. Gauri shouts Omkara ji. Om stands still. Gauri throws the snake away. Om says there are many snakes, how to leave from here.

Shwetlana sings and dances on Yeh raat me jo maza hai….. Tej, Jhanvi and Buamaa look on and smile. Om looks around and says its snakes everything. Gauri prays. Om says none will come here, we have to do it. She says I have belief on Shankar ji, he will help us. Shwetlana dances with Jhanvi and Buamaa. Om sees the snake going towards Gauri and kicks it away. Saathiya…..plays……..

Om holds her and says relax, I won’t let anything happen to you. She holds his hand and says I won’t let anything to you too. Shwetlana dances a lot and drops. Om and Gauri get on the table and try to throw snakes away. Om says what to do now. She says Shankar ji is testing us. He says no Lord will come, we have to do this, its strange, death is that shadow which always walks with life, but life does not think of death ever, when I m seeing death closely, I m understanding what’s life. She ass what are you saying, till there is breath, there is hope, person should not lose hope. He says come on Chulbul, let’s be practical, death is just one step away, having hope is foolish, people say when death is close, all the life is in front of eyes. He recalls Gauri.

He says there is a burden on heart which I did not share with anyone, not even with Shivaye, Gauri…. She gets shocked. Saathiya….plays…. He says I met her in Bareilly. She recalls their marriage and cries. He says I have hated her a lot. She cries. Om says even then don’t know why, I can’t forget her, by some way, I get her thought in mind, if anyone asks me today, what’s my last wish, I would just say something to Gauri once, I wish she was standing in front of me now. She asks what do you want to tell her. Om says I want to tell her that… She says tell me. He says forget it, we won’t talk about this, tell me do you have any last wish.

Gauri thinks my last wish is to tell you truth, its because of my lie, you are not telling me what you want to say, you don’t know I m Gauri, not Chulbul, I would have atleast known that Om thinks about me, what he wants to tell me, I lied a lot to my husband, but I want to say truth before dying, I took decision to tell truth to Om. Om asks what’s your last wish. She says actually….. He sees Dang getting out of the box. He says you are here, we are finding you since long. Dang says I was hiding inside, I have snake repellent. Om says you know your life is in danger. Dang says I know that. Om says you would also know, you have danger from whom. Dang says I don’t know. Om says we want to know why. Dang says I won’t say, I will spray this, you both go home. Dang sprays the repellent. Om and Gauri cough. Dang leaves.

At home, Om says Dang was my last hope, I could not know anything from him, what shall I do. Gauri thinks I wish I could help Om, I have to go to Shwetlana. She goes thinking Om’s words. Shwetlana asks what happened there. Gauri says I was coming to tell that. Shwetlana asks what was Om’s reaction, I want to know everything. Gauri says we did not get anything. Shwetlana says don’t act oversmart, else I will show this video to Om. Gauri says I m saying truth. Shwetlana says you would have seen someone’s dead body. Gauri says no, we did not see any living human. Shwetlana says how is it possible, I got delivery message. She gets Dang’s call and gets shocked. She says how can my plan fail. She goes to room and answers call. Dang says I know Shwetlana, you have sent snakes to me, you know what, I got saved, I have your secret, but sorry you can’t find me, good bye. She throws the phone and says no, I can’t lose, he can’t win, I have to do something.

Gauri says thanks Shankar ji, you did not let my eyes get shut forever, you opened my eyes, I will not lie to Om, its enough of guy and girl game, I was trying to do my Karm and Patni Dharm, now its time to choose either, I choose my husband, I choose Om, even when he does not regard me wife, I regard him my husband, Shwetlana wants to make him against me, I will tell him truth, I m not a guy Chulbul, I m Gauri Kumari Sharma, I will accept whatever decision he takes. She removes the hood and lets her hair loose.


Dil Bole Oberoi 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gauri goes to Om and says Om I lied to you, I m not Chulbul, I m Gauri Kumari Sharma. Shwetlana keeps chloroform and scissors and says I m coming doctor. Om looks on.