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Dil Bole Oberoi 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Om looks for Chulbul and enters some room. Some time before, Om asks Gauri to get out. Gauri goes and cries thinking of his words. Kaali holds her hand. He says if wife and safe are left free, they are lost. He drags her to room. He chains her again. She says I m doing as you say, why is this needed. He says for fun, you sing Bairi piya… I like troubling me, so I called Om to marry his wife in front of him. Om sees Kaali’s men and shuts door. Kaali says it will be great fun. He sings Bairi piya…. and goes. She cries.

Om hides from Kaali’s men and goes to find Chulbul. He sees someone/Buamaa and says Chulbul…. He hides and enters the room. He goes and holds. Gauri turns to him. He gets shocked and asks you… Kaali Thakur looks on and kept Buamaa with him. He says I know when anyone breathes in my haveli, you are finding Chulbul, but you could not identify, your lovely Buamaa is here, Gauri is dancing on m fingers to save her. He recalls seeing Om finding Chulbul. He sings Shikaar khud yahan shikaar bangaya….. He asks Gauri to do as he says, else her inlaws will get troubled. FB ends.

Om asks what are you doing here. Gauri says you are asking this to me, I should ask you, why are you here at night, I told you this place and people are dangerous. He says I did not ask your opinion, where is Chulbul. She asks so much worry, what magic did he do. He raises hand and stops. He says no use to slap you, what proof do you have that Chulbul is fine. She says I m proof, he is fine and alive till I m fine and alive. He asks her to answer straight. She says you will meet him tomorrow, there is puja, its special puja kept by Kaali, someone is sacrificed in it. Kaali looks on and says she stayed in Mumbai and became Meena kumari, she is a big artist.

Gauri cries and goes. Kaali says now no use of this old woman, drop her home. The man asks why to take her far, let’s kill this old woman. Kaali smiles and suffocates the servant, asking will you teach me now. He throws him away and says whatever I do is by thinking, I will make Gauri fall in Om’s eyes, that Gauri will never go back to Om, Gauri can’t prove she did this to save Buamaa, as this old woman does not know anything, I have to leave Buamaa to prove Gauri is a liar.

Gauri apologizes to Om and cries in room. She promises Om that even if Kaali hurts her, she won’t let anything happen to Om and Buamaa. Kaali jokes. He asks her to think about him. He says I m glad by your drama, do same acting tomorrow, you know what to do in puja.

Its morning, Buamaa wakes up. Jhanvi says thank God, you are fine. Buamaa recalls Kaali’s men fighting. Jhanvi says you came from hospital, staff member said some people left you unconscious. Buamaa says I don’t know how I fainted. Jhanvi asks her to take rest.

Kaali and Gauri sit in puja. She thinks of her marriage with Om. Kaali sees Om and Gauri. The lady gives quotation for wedding theme. Shwetlana checks the wedding invitation card and likes it. She asks her to send invitations to guest list, send it to groom’s family, Oberois should get first invitation, they should know we started preparation. Pandit tells about Shastra puja. Gauri does the rituals. Servant gets Chulbul. Om recalls Gauri’s words and worries. The men hold him. Gauri feels sorry and thinks Chulbul has to die for you Om. He asks Gauri to stop. Gauri does rituals. Om shouts Gauri, no…. Saathiya…..plays………..


Dil Bole Oberoi 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kaali takes the sword. Om pushes the men and asks Kaali to stop. He shoots at the sword. He points gun at Kaali.

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