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Dil Bole Oberoi 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 6th April 2017 watch online HD on 

Gauri says Omkara ji, I have to tell you, I m not Chulbul, I m Gauri, you tell me the thing you wanted to say, as I m here. She opens eyes. Shwetlana meets Dang. Some time before, Gauri says I m Gauri Kumari Sharma, I will tell him entire truth, then I will accept whatever decision he wants to take. She removes her glasses and wig, and lets her hair loose. She says I m coming to move the curtains off this lie. She gets ready and thinks of Om’s words. She cries thinking I have to choose one of Karm or Dharm, I will choose my husband, even if Om does not regard me wife, I regard him my husband, Shwetlana is making me helpless, now I will tell him entire truth, I will tell him, I m Gauri, I will accept his decision. She goes to Om’s room. She says Shankar ji, give me strength to say truth fast.

She opens the door and gets in. Gauri says Omkara ji, I have to tell you something, I lied to you,, I m not Chulbul, I m Gauri, you tell me the thing you wanted to say, as I m here, why are you not saying anything, I know you would be angry on me. She opens eyes and does not see anyone in room. She says where did he go, where to find him.

Shwetlana throws the vase on mirror and breaks it. She says how dare that doctor challenge me, I will find you from terracotta too, he has my secrets, if he leaks it, I m finished, I have to find him at any cost. Om says why is Shwetlana breaking things. She says you can’t do this doctor, I won’t let you do this. Om looks at her.

Jhanvi sees Gauri and says you….. Gauri gets tensed. Shwetlana checks chloroform, knife, poison and takes the bag. She goes to meet Dang. Om says I have to save the doctor. Jhanvi says I was going to call you, I think Mata Rani has sent you, you have sung good bhajans in Jagrata, we also want to do Jagrata, we have problems going on at home, I think Jagrata will bring positivity in Om’s life, you have come now, I think everything will be fine in his life. Gauri says I …. She gets Om’s call. She thinks what to do, I m in girl’s getup, how to talk as guy. Om says why is Chulbul not answering. Shwetlana leaves. Om looks on.

Jhanvi says this Jagrata is imp, I m keeping this for Om. Gauiri thinks I m doing all this for Om. She stops Jhanvi and touches her feet, thinking Jhanvi is Om’s mum, so she is my mum too, I need blessings and courage to tell truth to Om. Jhanvi blesses her and goes. Gauri says I have to tell truth to Om. She gets Om’s call again. Om asks where are you, we have to follow Shwetlana, she went to Dang. She thinks Om will not listen to me in hurry, I have to help him in finding Shwetlana’s secret. She says just 5mins. Om says fine, just hurry up, I m waiting near the car. She dresses as Chulbul.

Om asks did you get time, thanks, girls don’t get so much time. Gauri thinks it will take time to become guy from girl. Om says we have to go after Shwetlana, sit in the car. They leave. Shwetlana was lying under their car. She says idiots, they were going to follow Shwetlana, Om you are goodlooking, I wish you were intelligent too, you won’t go anything today. She recalls getting her mechanic costume. She sees Om in mirror and says I need some space, he does not leave me. FB ends. She says you can’t even reach Dang, leave about my secrets.

Om and Gauri are on the way. Shwetlana follows them. She says they think they are following me, but I m following them, sorry Om, our togetherness was till here. She takes a diversion. Dang tells someone that his life is in danger, so he is leaving from country and taking Shwetlana’s secret, I gave you a copy, keeping it inside the robot. The girl says I have given that robot to detective. He asks what, that detective is dead, where is the robo. Robot roams in Oberoi house. Dang says if robo is missing, it means just I have the secret.

Gauri thinks what was the thing Om wanted to tell Gauri. Om holds her hand and asks why are you silent. Gauri says nothing. Om says never lie to me please, I just don’t like it, when any dear one lies. Gauri says dear one, it means I m dear to you. Om says of course, what do you think, I share my feelings and personal life with everyone, I have less people in my life, with whom I open up and talk, its just Shivaye, Rudra and you, you are very close to me. She gets glad. Saathiya….plays………

Om’s car stops. Om says petrol got over, how is this possible, every car has full tank, its a rule in Oberoi mansion. He gets down and sees petrol leaking. He says its Shwetlana’work, she does not want us to reach Dang before her. Dang puts the chip in envelope and writes Om’s name. Shwetlana comes there and greets him. He gets shocked.

Om says we won’t get any auto here, Shwetlana won. Gauri prays to Shankar ji to keep her belief and Om’s hope. A truck comes and the driver offers help. She asks Om to come. Shankar ji has sent truck for us. Om asks are you serious, sit. Shwetlana says I did not think we will meet so soon, but I had to meet you. Om holds Gauri. They sit in the truck.

Saathiya…..plays…………She sees the Lord idol and thanks. Shwetlana says I came to see you off. Dang asks what do you want. She says after what you did for me, I want you to promise me that my secret will be secret. He says clowning is a crime. She says don’t anger me, else… He asks what will you do. She says then I have to do another crime, you know its not a big thing for me. He says I m leaving from this city, I have nothing to do with your secret. She says that’s a smart move, it means you won’t share my secret with anyone. He says fine, believe me, this will be a secret. She sees him hiding the envelop.


Dil Bole Oberoi 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap  :Shwetlana buries Dang. Om sees Shwetlana’s hands and asks why is the mud so red, its like we have in our garden.

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