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Dil Bole Oberoi 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Om says everything is broken in my life, my mum broke, I broke, my belief broke and now its your turn to break. He goes to Lord idol. Gauri gets shocked and comes in between. She moves Om back. Some time before, Shwetlana says this is just a formality. Om asks if I did not sign then… She says then I have plan T, Tej Singh Oberoi, your father. Om thinks of Shivaye’s words. Om signs. Gauri thinks why does Om stay worried when Shwetlana is around, is he marrying happily or not. Shwetlana takes papers. She scolds Gauri and sends her to help servants in kitchen. Gauri goes.

A man goes to Jhanvi’s room with the sharp cutting machine. Gauri comes to Jhanvi’s room and gets shocked. Jhanvi wakes up and gets shocked. Gauri runs to Om. Om says we have no time, I want info about Shwetlana.Gauri rings bell and asks Om to listen to her. Om asks what’s your problem. Gauri says your mum, your dad. Its Tej with the machine. Om runs.

Tej asks Jhanvi to move. Jhanvi asks what are you doing. Tej makes her out and shouts get out. He throws the mattress. Tej cuts the bed and goes to Jhanvi. Om, Rudra and Gauri come there and get shocked. Om throws away the machine.

Shwetlana sees some chemical bottles and says Om is the thorn of my way, this is the only way to move him. Om and Rudra ask Tej what is he doing. Tej says I told many times that Jhanvi and my relation ended, I don’t want this woman in my bedroom, house and life, you guys want to keep us tied forcibly. Shwetlana grinds some herbs.

Tej says when this relation ended, why to keep the burden, I told Jhanvi to leave this room, I got new bed, but Om broke, this could have happened with ease, you guys don’t want to understand, so I had to do this. Om says you think relations will break if you break the bed. Tej says I had to cut this bed into half to prove Jhanvi and I are separated. Jhanvi asks why are you doing this, how much will you humiliate me.

Tej says I m not, your sons are humiliating you, I asked you to leave from here, you did not take it seriously, I signed divorce papers, you are still here, its enough, I will not hear anyone now. I will do what I ant. Shwetlana adds some chemicals. Om says every day new drama, what’s your problem. Tej says Jhanvi is my problem, I don’t want her in my life, it will be better you both understand this, and if possible, explain this to Jhanvi too. Jhanvi cries. Om says you have to understand, I will keep trying till my mum wants to be in this relation. I told you I will give you reply for everything you do, you will get reply for this soon, just wait and watch. Tej says I will wait for your reply and leaves. Gauri looks on.

Shwetlana injects the chemical in the Amla. She says when this Amla goes in Om’s body, my way will be clear. Om goes to his room and angrily throws the idols. He says I m ashamed that such cheap man is my father. Gauri comes there and looks on shocked. Om says you say you are Lord, you have no right, you are just a stone, this would have not happened, you don’t see anything, everything is broken in my life, my mum broke, I broke, my belief broke and now its your turn to break. He goes to Lord idol. Gauri gets shocked and comes in between. She moves Om back. Om asks Chulbul to move.

Gauri says no, your illusion broke, not belief, you can’t break Lord idol. Om says I will get angry on you. Gauri says fine, its your right, I mean boss can get angry on servant, I love my mum too, as you love your mum, we can end the fights, every house has fights. Om says its big problem. Gauri says you did not see solution, Tej is adamant like a kid, what we do to explain kids, we either listen to them or explain our way, you have to do same with Tej, believe he is a kid and you have to manage him like elders. Om asks are you mad, shall I treat my father as kid. Gauri says not father, his stubbornness, I m better sleeping on ground, no bed and no tension related to bed, matter ends. Om gets thinking. Gauri asks what happened. Om laughs and pats on her face. Chahe tum kuch na kaho…..plays……. Om says you are sweet…. and goes.

Gauri says Om smiled, he called me sweet, he meant Mithai. She gets glad. Shwetlana asks servant to get coffee for her. Servant says sorry, Om called me in Jhanvi’s room. She says poor Om, he is trying hard to save Tej and Jhanvi’s marriage, this marriage is almost broken, now its time for Om to break. Gauri throws candy in air and opens mouth to catch it. Shwetlana calls her.

Tej sees a single bed and says my bed…. Om says wrong answer, its my mom’s bed, think where you reached in one day, first new bed, then separate beds, and now no bed. Tej says so you did this. Om says you don’t want to share bed with Jhanvi, I found solution, you can sleep on ground if you want. Tej raises hand. Om holds his hand. Om says you lost right to raise hand on me, then hand which could not become shadow for me, it has no right to hit my face, you have to stay in this room with Jhanvi, else you can leave this house. Tej says its my house, its not your problem what I do. Om says stop behaving like kids, kids behave such, I want this and that, I m feeling it strange to say, but please grow up. Tej says whatever you say, you can’t win over me, I m your father. Om smiles and says what a tragedy, what could be more shameful than this, that you remind this to me every day. Tej says more shameful thing is I m your father. Tej leaves. Om sits sad and sees his hand. Jhanvi comes there and looks on. She thinks I can’t see my family breaking, I have to do something.

Dil Bole Oberoi 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: Om eats Amla and faints. He falls on the bed. Gauri gets shocked and rubs his hands. Shwetana makes Gauri unconscious. She sees Om and says I m getting chance to go there after long time, as the way to that place is via your room.

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