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Dil Bole Oberoi 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

Tej says I wish you died. Om holds his collar and asks how dare you say this about my mum. Shwetlana pushes the statue. Jhanvi asks Om to leave Tej. Om steps on a wine bottle and falls. Tej breaks bottles and says I will end this chapter forever today. Gauri looks on. Some time before, the man asks them to take the statue carefully, it has 100 wine bottles hidden. The statue is taken. Shivaye asks about new servant and comes to meet Chulbul. Gauri sees him and turns. She covers herself. He asks where is Chulbul. She says he went to have bath, tell me if there is any message. He says its fine, I will wait. She asks is there anything imp. He says yes, about him and Om. She gets shocked and says what about Om. He says I will talk to Chulbul directly, by the way who are you. She says I work here, I got some work, I will leave. She touches his feet and goes.

She thinks how to become Chulbul now. She sees bathroom and prays. She goes inside the bathroom by the window. She gets hurt. Shivaye asks Chulbul, are you fine. She eats supari and says yes, I m fine. She gets dressed in man’s clothes and greets Shivaye. He asks are you Chulbul. He thinks of Rudra’s words. She asks why, any doubt. He says there is nothing special. She asks what did you say, why are you staring at me. He says I just came, I was seeing whom Om kept on job. Gauri says you would have called me, I know love Om a lot, don’t worry, I will take good care. Shivaye says no need of good care, just care like you do for normal people. She says I don’t understand what you are saying. He says its fine, I will explain Om. Gauri says what’s this, to be away and take care, these three brothers talk strange, I would have got caught, Lord saved me.

The men bring the statue. The man asks Gauri where to keep it. She says Om makes statues, maybe he got this, keep in his room, but wait, he is sleeping, go, I will take it. Jhanvi comes and says you are Chulbul right. Gauri says yes. Jhanvi says I could not talk to you, you have seen a lot in 2-3 days, I mean Tej and my fights, Om got badly affected, I have a request, take care of my son. Gauri touches her feet and says its my duty, I mean you are Om’s mum, lucky people get mum’s blessings, don’t worry, I will take care of Om. Jhanvi thanks her.

Om wakes up and says its 11.30, and I m still sleeping, I got good sleep after long time. He sees statue and says what is it doing here. Gauri comes and says I got it. He asks why. She says its yours, so I got it here. He says why will I get any statue. She says I did not think, you make statues. He asks her to take it. She says I will take it soon. He asks what did you say. She says I said I will take it. He calls her sweet and goes. She smiles and dances. Chahe tum kuch na kaho…plays…….

Tej calls the man and asks about the statue. The man says I have sent it, 100 bottles are inside. Tej says good and smiles. Shwetlana thinks what’s in the statue that Tej is happy. Om goes to Jhanvi and asks is everything fine, did Tej try any new stunt. She asks why are you doing this, your and Tej’s fights are increasing, I know you are trying to lessen my and Tej’s distance, but its not happening, its increasing. Tej says why did anyone inform me about statue. Shwetlana thinks I will find statue secret later, I have to give Amla to Chulbul so that everything happens smoothly tonight. She says I will be back in a bit and goes. Tej looks on.

Jhanvi says the bad thing is Tej is getting away from this family. Om says I m doing this for you, so that Tej values you and realizes his mistake. He asks servant where is Tej. Servant says I have seen him going to Shwetlana’s room. Jhanvi says Tej can never change, he is with that woman even today. Om asks her to come. She asks where. He says decision will be done today.

Gauri prays. Shwetlana pulls her and asks did I give three months advance salary to do puja or keep an eye on Om. Gauri says I m keeping an eye. Shwetlana asks really, you did not give me any info, take this Amla, give this to Om even tonight. Gauri thinks how Om fainted. She says I can’t do this. They hear Om shouting out Tej. Shwetlana smiles and says drama started.

Tej comes and asks why are you shouting. Om says if you don’t change, I will forget you are my mum’s husband. Tej says that’s what I want, that you forget this. Om asks what were you doing in my fiancee’s room. Tej says where would I go, Jhanvi took my room, so I thought to go to Shwetlana’s room. Om says maybe you are forgetting Shwetlana is your would be bahu. Tej asks did you forget what she was to me before. Om says you are forgetting what my mum is to you. Tej says Jhanvi and my relation ended, if you don’t understand, its your problem, not mine. Om asks will this relation end if you say. Tej says don’t challenge me. Om says you know what I can do. Tej says who are you to tell me my limits. Jhanvi asks Om to stop fighting.

Tej asks her to stop crying, all this is because of you, you made my son against me, you have shed crocodile tears and emotionally provoked them. Om says stop it, let me tell you one thing, its your mistake, you could not become good husband, father, son, brother and father in law. Tej says father in law my foot, don’t I know why you are doing this, my and Jhanvi’s relation is over. Om says its not over, till Jhanvi says, the more you try to break it, the more I will try to join this relation. Tej says enough, I m sick of all this, I wish you died. Om holds his collar and asks how dare you say this about my mum.

Tej says leave me. Om says I won’t leave. Jhanvi asks Om what are you doing, leave. Shwetlana says what’s happening, same old family drama. She goes and says its time for some action. She pushes the statue. Wine bottles fall down. Tej pushes Jhanvi and Om. Om steps on wine bottle and falls down. Gauri worries for him.

Tej breaks bottles and wine falls over Jhanvi. Om tries to get up. He falls down. Shwetlana looks on. Tej says I will end this chapter forever today. He ignites matchstick. Shwetlana says now your story is over Jhanvi, good bye. Tej throws the matchstick. Gauri comes and holds the matchstick. She throws it.

Tej says you are not dying, too stubborn. He lights matchstick again. Om goes to Tej. Tej pushes him. Gauri holds Om. Someone comes and slaps Tej. Everyone look at the lady.

Dil Bole Oberoi 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The lady says Buamaa is here from Canada. She asks Shwetlana to keep her bags in room. Shwetlana says its not my work. Buamaa says I asked you to pick my luggage.


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