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Dil Bole Oberoi 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Bole Oberoi 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Bole Oberoi 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Shwetlana says I have to find permanent solution for this. Gauri enters her room and says madam ji, fire… She sees ice slabs under the bed. Some time before, Tej says you are so adamant and not dying. He pushes Om. Buamaa comes and slaps Tej. She holds Jhanvi. Shwetlana says who the hell are you. Bua asks who the hell am I, she is asking me, I m the angry bird, Buamaa from Canada is here. Shwetlana asks Buamaa? Buamaa asks is she dump, father’s sister is called Bua, who are you. Shwetlana says me… Buamaa says when woman can’t introduce herself, it means she is cheap, move out, clear the air, disappear. She asks Jhanvi are you fine and hugs her. Jhanvi says you came on time. Buamaa says I got you in this house, your well being is my responsibility, go and rest, don’t worry for Tej.Tej greets Buamaa. She says no, whatever you did, you don’t deserve any blessings. She scolds him. She asks Shwetana to keep her luggage in room.

Shwetlaya says excuse me, this is not my work, there are servants in this house. She calls Chulbul and asks Buamaa to tell Chulbul. Buamaa says you will keep my luggage. Shwetlana says old ladies have problem in understanding. Buamaa asks do you think you are sweet sixteen. Shwetlana asks her to be in limits. Gauri stops them. She takes Buamaa’s blessings. Buamaa says Shwetlana learn from your servant, he is so sanskari like Alok nath. She gets Gauri’s specs and says your face is like girls, don’t know why did Lord make you guy in last moment, else I would have made you bahu, you saved Jhanvi and took my blessings, what’s your name. Gauri says Chulbul. Buamaa goes.

Om says Chulbul, you saved my mom’s life, thanks. Saathiya….plays……… Gauri goes. Shwetlana throws a vase. She gets angry and says after Tia and mom left, I got alone, now this Bua came. Gauri comes there and sees broken vase. Shwetlana says who said you to become hero, what was the need to do this. She claps and says great Chulbul, you are going right, Om’s trust will get high, this is what I want. FB shows Shwetlana asking Chulbul to become Om’s left arm, I mean best friend, so that you get close to him. Gauri says I m trying to go away and she is asking me to go close. She says I m thinking how to go close. Shwetlana says you stupid, by acting, so that he trusts you and share his problems and secrets with you, I will scold you in front of him without a reason so that you get close to him. FB ends. Shwetlana says you have won Om’s trust and heart by saving Jhanvi, I m sure he will talk everything to you. Gauri thinks I will win Om’s trust to save him from your plans, not to break his trust.

Om greets Buamaa. She hugs him. She says you did not get hair cut. He says you know, Shivaye’s height, Rudra’s IQ and my hair are touchy topic. She laughs and says so I got special hair for you, I will do champi by my hands. He says I m very happy you came, I m sure Shivaye and Rudra will also be happy. She asks do you remember our secret. He says of course, I m your fav. She says don’t say anyone. He says I don’t need to, you say it, thanks, love you. He hugs her. She says I had to come. FB shows Jhanvi calling Buamaa and asking her to please come, my house is shattering, just you can handle Om. Buamaa says don’t worry, I m coming, I won’t let anything happen to Om. FB ends. Buamaa says don’t worry, I will make everything fine. He goes to get coffee for her.

Shwetlana sees her skin turning red and says nothing is happening right, I have to go there again and again. She shouts why…. why my face needs her, I can’t take risk, I have to find permanent solution for this. She takes a hammer and acts mad. She breaks the ice slabs.

Om says we got a clue about Shwetlana’s past. The man gives file and says we just got her college name after many tries. Om says we can get a lead, I will unveil her secrets, be ready Shwetlana. Buamaa asks Rudra to stop dieting. Rudra says enough, I feel my abs are melting. Buamaa feeds Rudra and Om. Jhanvi says after so many days, this home looks a home, else all those fights, I have shifted Priyanka to ground floor to keep her away from the fights, Shivaye is taking good care of her, she will be getting married in some days, she will go Sasural, I don’t want her to take bitter memories from Maayka. Buamaa says don’t worry, I have come. Rudra says I understood, this is conspiracy against me, as I m more dashing than Om, so you want to feed me parathas and make me fat. Jhanvi says I gave birth to Om, but Buamaa raised Om, I was busy in business. Buamaa says I raised him, but he gave me reason to live. She asks Om why is he marrying Shwetlana. Om says I m thinking well and doing this, don’t worry. She says fine, if you say, I don’t like her. Om laughs.

Gauri enters Shwetlana’s room and shouts fire. Shwetlana says Chulbul, calm down, there is no fire. Gauri says there is smoke under your bed. Gauri checks and sees ice slabs under the bed. She asks what’s so much ice doing under your bed. Shwetlana says its good for my beauty, like we keep vegs in fridge, its treatment for rich people, you poor LS people won’t understand this. Gauri asks are you doing this to look of Om’s age. Shwetlana scolds her and asks her to get face towel from drawer.

Gauri gets towel and sees a photo frame. She sees the photo. She says this girl’s photo, why did Shwetlana hide this. She sees S written behind and says what does this S mean. Shwetlana asks does getting towel take so much time. Gauri drops the frame. Shwetlana asks what fell down. Gauri keeps frame back and gives towel. Shwetlana asks her to keep an eye on Om, and don’t forget to feed him Amla, go. Gauri thinks I will not keep an eye on Om, I will keep an eye on you, I will fool you and find out why you are playing this game.


Dil Bole Oberoi 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Om says taste is not good, but sleep comes good. He eats Amla and faints. Gauri says I don’t have to faint. Shwetlana tries to faint her. Gauri acts and sees Shwetlana opening secret door and jumping. Gauri gets shocked and says Shwetlana went inside the ground, I m going to find her secret. She also jumps in the secret passage.

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