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Dil Dhoondta Hai 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 10th November 2017 Episode start with At night, while walking down the street Ravi shares with Vishi she was saved by Vishi’s call; else Sangeeta had already created an issue of it. Vishi warns Ravi against Sangeeta. Ravi says she was also suspicious about Sangeeta and asks if Anjali would still be angry. Vishi assures he would handle the matter. They spend few romantic moments while Ravi gets shy, Vishi points towards their special night as curtains have been placed.

Sangeeta takes a diya and puts the curtains on fire.
Vishi tells her about his planning for the night and brings a bag of nighty. Ravi tells him to wear it by himself and leaves. Vishi follows her.

Sangeeta watch the curtain burn while Anjali and Ajji panic outside. Everyone at the chawl had gathered to put the fire off. Anjali spots the Diya. At night, Anjali asks who placed the Diya there. Avinash and Ajji were happy that their lives were saved. Vishi says burning of fire was also a matter. Ajji tells them to go to sleep. Sangeeta stops them and calls burning of curtain a bad omen; she believe Vishi and Ravi shouldn’t sleep in kitchen at least for 21 days. She offers to sleep in the kitchen with Kaka. Vishi-Ravi, Ajji and Avinash weren’t ready to believe any bad omens but Anjali did. She tells Vishi to sleep outside, Ajji makes place for Ravi with Anjali and Kavita.
The next morning, Vishi’s friends notice him to be upset. Vishi says his uncle and aunt are staying in the kitchen. He hasn’t been able to give Ravi any time, even they have to go out to talk to each other. His friends were ready to help. Vishi asks them to arrange a table and chair for his date.

Kaka was suspiciously speaking to a man.
Sangeeta was awestruck watching Ravi’s jewellry. She was about to take a necklace when Ajji comes there. Anjali tells Ravi she will place her jewellry to locker tomorrow, they aren’t safe here. Sangeeta asks Ravi about the price of the jewellry. Ravi says she has no idea about it, but these are precious for her. Sangeeta keeps an eye as Ravi places the jewellry in the cupboard. Kaka comes to take Sangeeta outside. Sangeeta tells him Ravi brought huge amount of gold, she has to steal them before they place them into the locker. Kaka was worried about property papers to mature. Sangeeta says she needs to focus on a single plan first and asks to follow her plan.

At night, Sangeeta and Kaka turns the lights off. Vishi thinks he had asked Sankush to turn the lights of stairs. He finds a chance to takes Ravi outside silently. Inside, everyone was looking for candles. Sangeeta sends Ajji and Anjali outside as she would find the candles.

Vishi takes Ravi outdoor, where they blow flying lanterns together. Ravi watches the romantic well lit table setting. She was excited. Vishi says this is her surprise. Ravi says she always dreamed of such romantic surprise; and asks about the lights in the chawl. Vishi says it’s his set up. He kneels in front of her with a rose, then clutches it into his teeth signaling Ravi to get them. Ravi bends to get the rose bud, soon she hear someone in the chawl call for electricity supply unit. Ravi was tensed. Vishi says they got the lights off, he assures Ravi no one will find them. Vishi assures no one will find about them. They dance together and spend romantic time with each other. Vishi pours a drink for her. They were about to sip from a single glass when some kids arrive. Vishi makes them leave. Ravi was worried what if they are caught and goes downstairs. Vishi follows her.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ravi slips in the corridor and flies over the gallery. Vishi comes to hold her. Everyone gather downstairs and panics as Ravi hangs on the gallery.

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