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Dil Dhoondta Hai 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sonia’s Real Face


Dil Dhoondta Hai 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 12th December 2017 Episode start with Anjali and Sangeeta wake Sonia up. Sonia shouts at her to let her speak. Anjali asks how dare she? Sonia confronts Anjali and says she will leave with her own will. She tells Sangeeta to get a cup of tea for her. Anjali was about to slap her, but she clutches her wrist saying she isn’t Ravi. She deters she has videos of both of them, if she show them to Vishi they will have to leave the house in a minute. She doesn’t come under the influence of either Anjali or Sangeeta. Sangeeta takes Anjali into the kitchen. Sonia gets a call and was worried.

Ravi was looking at the arrangements of nursery. She tells Ajji they must collect some more money. A few people come to meet Ravi. They introduce themselves as belonging from NGO and have brought her a cheque. They tell Ravi a young gentle man came to their NGO with a plan of nursery. Ravi was happy.

At night, Vishi smiles watching Ravi’s photo in his cell phone. Ravi caught him there and says its of no use. She knows already that not in his mobile only, but his heart also has her photo. Vishi says when wife has no time, one has to work with the photo. Ravi says Vishi understands all her problems even when she isn’t around. She asks if he took the plan to NGO, Vishi initially denies but Ravi knew it was him. She thanks Vishi for helping them. Vishi says it was for her, to support her in her cause. He says he wants Ravi to return home soon. Ravi promises she will soon be with him forever.

Later, Ravi was getting clothes from inside. She spots Sonia meet a man. She hands him a few papers and promises he will get the rest of them soon. She comes to catch her red handed, and asks Sonia who the man was. Sonia tells Sonia there was none, she came outside to download a video only. As she turns to go inside and forbids Ravi spy on her, it would be useless. Ravi was tensed.

The next morning, Ravi returns from market with a few chart papers and other stationary for nursery. The kids gather around to carry the bags into nursery. Ravi watches Sonia get into a car and follows her on auto.
Vishi returns home. Ajji calls Anjali to bring a cup of tea for her, but Vishi denies taking any. He would have the tea with Ravi in the evening.

Anjali and Sangeeta discuss that it has been of no use to send Ravi away. They have still been together. They were also irritated by Sonia.

Ravi jumps into a huge mansion Sonia stops by. She has a meeting with a man inside. Ravi tries to spy on her and jumps from the window inside. Sonia and the man enjoy a drink together. Ravi hides behind a sofa. The man suspects there seems to be someone else in the room. Sonia wonders who can be here. Ravi tries to crawl the other way. The man goes to lock the window. Ravi gets behind the couch again. Sonia hands him the rest of papers, and says these are original. The man says it seems Sonia want to get away from that Chawl. Sonia says she won’t leave that chawl so easily, her work is still left. Adi says he is aware Sonia will do his work, and warns he holds her brother at his speed dial.

Sonia takes a leave and turns to go. Adi offers his driver would drop her. Sonia says she can go by herself. Her purse drops and a bottle fell just near Ravi. Ravi clutches her eyes tightly but Sonia leaves wishing Adi luck. Ravi holds the bottle and was relieved. She goes towards the papers to find Sonia’s attention. She runs towards the bar but a bottle fell off. Adi hurries inside, Ravi hides herself near the bar. Adi held a wooden rod in hand and calls who is there. He spots Ravi’s dress behind the bar as he steps towards her and smirks. Ravi spots an electric plug nearby and puts the naked wire into the spilt wine.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sonia dislikes the tea and forcefully dips Sangeeta’s finger into the hot cup. Ravi was about to tell Ajji about Sonia when Vishi calls her. Anjali was busy in kitchen when someone approaches her with a knife.

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