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Dil Dhoondta Hai 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Anjali Realizes Ravi’s Goodness And Reconciles


Dil Dhoondta Hai 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 13th December 2017 Episode start With Ravi flee from the banglow as Adi gets a bad electric shock.
Ajji goes out of the house when Sonia returns. She throws her bag at Anjali and says she is really tired. She blackmails Anjali to show her video to Vishi and makes her massage her feet. Sangeeta comes there and makes Anjali get up. Sonia tells Sangeeta to go and get tea for her, along with something chilli.
Ajji asks Ravi where she had been. Ravi was about to tell Ajji about Sonia when Vishi comes from behind. He was concerned and says at least she must have told him. He takes Ravi to buy a phone for her. Ajji blesses them.

As Sangeeta brings the tea for Sonia with snacks for her. Sonia questions if she didn’t want them to be spicy? She dips one into the tea and notices the tea was extremely hot. She dips Sangeeta’s finger into the tea and twists her hands behind, and asks how it feels? If she wanted to burn her tongue? She warns Sangeeta’s cunningness won’t work in front of her. She sends Anjali to get a good tea for her, she doesn’t trust them as they might mix anything into her tea. This time, she will taste the tea first. She goes inside. Sangeeta cries over her burnt hand. Anjali goes to apply ointment over it.

Anjali was afraid watching a knife in Sangeeta’s hand. Sangeeta was ready to kill Sonia. She intended to burn Sonia’s mouth with the tea, but she in return hurt her. Anjali was afraid and wasn’t ready to take any action against Sonia, Sonia has proofs against them. Sangeeta says at least Anjali can come with her. As they approach Sonia from behind, she turns around and instead twists Anjali’s arms behind, placing the knife over her neck. She says this time she will kill Anjali and blame Sangeeta for it. Ravi comes from behind and counters Sonia, boasting she is a Punjabi and will leave Sonia into pieces instead. Sonia fell on the ground, while Ravi leaves.

Anjali gets to Ravi’s feet and apologizes her for all her mistakes. Ajji says she brought Anjali here when she was apologizing her. Ravi hugs Anjali and says she is no one to forgive her. She already called Anjali a mother. Ajji says regret is the greatest repentance. Sangeeta also holds her ear. Ravi says she always wished they realize their mistakes, and all misunderstandings are removed. Anjali says she needs to apologize Vishi as well. Ravi forbids her tell Vishi about all this, she doesn’t want any bitterness to come in their relation. Anjali was moved that Ravi is still thinking about her.

Anjali accepts she was mistaken and brought Sonia to the house. Ravi says Sonia didn’t only come upon Anjali’s call only. She gave some papers to a man as she followed her, she stalked her to the banglow. Anjali was worried what she must be planning, she is dangerous for their house. Sangeeta says she has the video as a proof. They first need to delete that video.

Sonia watches Anjali stare at her while she was getting ready. Sangeeta calls Anjali towards her and loudly says one day Ravi would take Vishi away from the house. Vishi was giving a gift to Ravi now. Anjali says it was of no good to make Ravi leave the house, Vishi loves her more now. Sonia locks her mobile in her box and leaves. Anjali and Sangeeta were worried how they will get the cell phone now. Ravi tells Vishi to leave for office. Vishi says she got him bound here and places his hands over her shoulders. Ravi says romance can never fill your stomach. Vishi asks her to miss him often. Ravi says Vishi never let her forget him and points a bag. When Vishi has left, she throws a lipstick in it. Sonia snatches the bag from Ravi and leaves.

Ajji and Ravi dance cheerfully. Sonia takes the lipstick from the bag and was sure it will suit her more than Ravi. She opens her box, takes a tissue and applies the lip color. Anjali and Sangeeta watch this cheerfully. Soon everyone hears Sonia’s scream. Everyone at the chawl gathers around, as Sonia’s lips had swelled badly. Anjali and Sangeeta were concerned and make Sonia sit, as they will apply ice over her lips. Anjali goes aside and takes the cell phone from the box. They delete the video while Sonia goes out. Everyone at the chawl laugh at Sonia hysterically. She comes to Ravi.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sonia pushes Ajji and she hit her head over the bed. Sonia apologizes Vishi but Vishi shouts at her to leave the house.

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