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Dil Dhoondta Hai 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sonia Turns Out To Be A Stranger In Disguise


Dil Dhoondta Hai 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 14th December 2017 Episode Start With The men outside sings around Sonia, molesting her. Sonia comes inside and finds Anjali and Sangeeta pack her bags. Sonia deters to show the videos to Vishi. Ajji comes from behind and says there’s no video in her mobile. Ravi also stood at the door and comes in, saying the drama has finished and its pack up time now. Sonia laughs hysterically and says she won’t leave this place. Ravi says her shop of makeup would leave before her. Ravi forcefully pushes Sonia out of the house while she resists badly. Sonia pushes Ajji away whose head hit a bed nearby. Vishi comes to hold Ajji. Sonia innocently tells Vishi it was by mistake. Vishi shouts at her to leave.

Later, Ajji calls Sonia names as they apply bandage at her forehead. Anjali was upset that her brother has a single daughter and she is also ill-character. Ravi reminds the builder tell Sonia that her brother’s number is on his speed dial. She asks Anjali if she has a brother as well. Anjali says no, she is the only child. Ravi asks when Anjali last met Sonia? Anjali replies it was years ago when she was very young. She decides to invite her brother here. Dada comes to meet Anjali after years. Outside, Ravi hands all ladies with sticks to treat the fake Sonia well. Inside, Dada doesn’t recognize Sonia as his daughter. Ravi signals the ladies to move forward. Sonia asks what this means? Dada changes his verdict saying she doesn’t miss them at all.

Sonia places her head over his chest and says she doesn’t need to miss him. Ravi makes up ladies at chawl. Ravi requests them to stay for a while, it will soon be cleared. Dada brings Anjali a gift and takes a leave then. Sonia goes to pack something for him. Dada goes to take God’s blessings. Anjali confirms if she is truly his daughter? Dada says she is their Sonia, then places a paper while praying in the temple. Sonia brings him a lunch box.

Afterwards, Sonia sends the women at chawl home. All this preparation was useless, as she won’t leave this place so easily.
At home, Sangeeta says Ravi can have a misunderstanding. Anjali wonders why her brother would lie to her. She is so confused whom to believe. Ravi tells Ajji she also has no reason to lie. Ajji says Anjali is only tensed, she asks Ravi to pray to God who solve her problems. Ravi comes to temple and prays for something which make everyone trust her. The paper Dada placed in temple fell down with a note. Ravi runs inside and shows them the note. Anjali reads “Our Sonia is in danger, she is kidnapped by this girl”. They were tensed. Ravi says Sonia must be cautious but they need to eye her closely, only then they can save their Sonia.
Anjali and Sangeeta follows a girl wearing shawl but it wasn’t Sonia.

Ravi and Ajji follow Sonia. Ajji was tired half way. Ravi tells her to go home, she will follow them. Sonia gets into the car, Ravi hire an auto. Ajji gets over a young boy’s bike and tells him to follow the auto. They reach the banglow. Ravi climbs the gate and jumps it. Ajji attempts the same, but as she jumps down the lights of banglow goes out. It gets dark all around.

Ajji watches a shadow at the other side of the wall. She thinks it must be Sonia and attacks. It comes out to be Ravi. Ravi asks why she got into danger. Ajji says she couldn’t leave her alone. The wear shawls and break into the house. They find a young girl tied to chair. The lights were turned on and some armed men could be seen wandering around. Ajji and Ravi enter the room, but both were beaten at the back of their heads.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sonia and Adi harass Ravi and give Ajji electric shocks at head.

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