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Dil Dhoondta Hai 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sonia Takes Power Of Attorney From Ajji


Dil Dhoondta Hai 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 15th December 2017 Episode start With  Ravi wakes up as Adi throw a glass of water over her face. She was shocked to see them give Ajji an electric shock and cries for her, trying to free her hands from rope. Sonia increased the voltage of the cap. Ajji was unconscious. Sonia wakes Ajji up and smiles she is still alive. Ravi screams at her to leave Ajji. Sonia tells her to scream and shout, no one will listen to her. Sonia clutches Ravi’s jaw saying she can do something which Ravi can never think about. Sonia says she isn’t in a hurry, she will tell them about it.

She is giving Ajji a shock of 30 volt, but now she will give her the 60 volt power. Ravi screams for Ajji. Ravi pleads, Sonia agrees on a condition that she will give the electric shock to Ravi this time.Anjali cried for Ravi near the temple. Sangeeta comes there and asks where they would find Ravi. Anjali goes to tell Vishi about all this.

Ajji cries and screams as Sonia increases the voltage of electric shocks for Ravi. Sonia demands Ajji to sign one last thing. Ajji wears her glasses and was shocked to see it was power of attorney of chawl.
Sangeeta reminds Anjali about Ravi’s warning that this can bring distance between her and Vishi. Vishi won’t bear this and may start to hate her. Anjali was crying and says she will have to pay for her sins. Vishi hears this all from the door.

Ajji pleads Sonia for not making her break the trust of Chawl people. She was given this power of attorney out of everyone’s trust. Sonia goes to wake Ravi up. She increases the shock.

Vishi asks Anjali about the sin. Anjali joins her hands to apologize Vishi as she tells him about the truth. Vishi tells her to stop it. He is very angry at her, he made Ravi apologize her because he considered her innocent. She has broken his trust. Anjali tells him about Sonia and her reality. Vishi turns to leave but watches Ajji and Ravi come from the other side. He hurries to hug them both. Anjali joins hands to Ravi and requests her to come home. Ravi was lost in some thoughts. Vishi notices Ravi was silent and takes her promise not to hide anything. Anjali happily welcomes Ravi home but Ajji throws the thaal. She says Ravi will have to cross her corpse to enter the house. Ravi won’t come into the house and this is final. Vishi was worried, Ravi turns away silently. Ajji goes into the house.

Ravi cries in a corner outdoor. Vishi comes to her but Ravi wasn’t able to tell him anything. She has nothing to tell him. Vishi asks if even Ravi would hide matters from him. Ravi says they are stuck in a huge problem. Vishi gulps. Ravi says Sonia isn’t the real one, and about Ajji’s signature on power of attorney. Vishi was furious and takes Ravi teach Sonia a lesson. Ravi says Sonia doesn’t only want Chawl. A man comes from behind and says Sonia loves Vishi. It was Kushal, Sonia’s brother. Ravi says they met Kushal when they left that mansion, he saved Ajji from falling off. Ravi had a glance of the photo he held. Vishi requests Kushal to take his sister from here. Kushal apologizes instead and says he needs Vishi’s help.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sonia tells Ravi that before their wedding night she will celebrate it with Vishi tonight.

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