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Dil Dhoondta Hai 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 15th November 2017 Episode Start With Vishi stops at once watching Ravi distributing all the Rashan. Bela asks didn’t she go to buy phone? Ravi says she found there was a sale in the mall right in front of mobile shop. Avinash says it was a good attempt. Anjali was upset and says she bought more than required, and it must be expensive as well. Vishi comes to say it was all on discount rates, Avinash seconds by reading the discount on rate list. Kavita says there is Pishi opening in their house as well, Ajji explains to Ravi that everyone bring some grains from their homes; they conduct a lucky a draw and all those grains are sent to the winner’s house then. It happens each month here, and is at their place tomorrow. They ask Anjali what she will serve in it. Anjali replies she will serve biscuit and tea and leaves curtly.

At night, Sangeet comes outside to fill Anjali’s ears. She says everyone is taking Ravi’s side. Anjali asks what she must do. Sangeeta says Anjali has to be very strong, so that her mistakes come into everyone’s eyes. She reminds Anjali about a fixed deposit their son in law left to Ajji. Anjali says that money belong to Ajji. Sangeeta fears what if Ravi take the money? Anjali says she is only worried about Ravi taking the money but spending it carelessly. She suggests about speaking to Ajji. Sangeeta forbids her and says Ajji might take wrong meaning with it. She suggests about meeting Ajji’s Pandit for the matter.

The next morning, Anjali and Sangeeta leave for Pooja. Anjali instructs Ravi to complete all the work until they return. Anjali thinks she will now see how well Ravi take the responsibility of household work. Ravi does the cleaning, then prepare mix for Pakoras in the kitchen. There was a courier for Ajji from the fixed deposit. Ravi places the letter carefully. On the way, Sangeeta tells Anjali that Ravi must not have accomplished a single task. As they come inside, Anjali finds all the tasks completed at home and were impressed. Ravi asks Anjali about the pooja. She tells Anjali she did all the cleaning, she needs to prepare for sitting arrangements. Anjali looks around impressed. Ajji comes home and asks if she is impressed by Ravi’s work. Sangeeta asks when the guests will arrive. Ravi comes to inform them everyone is here.

Ajji brings Ravi to kitchen and asks if all preparations of pakoras done. Sangeeta overhears this and says she will see how they get the pakora. Ajji tells Ravi that Anjali wants her to bear the responsibility and will like it.
Sangeeta comes to the kitchen and looks around for the mix. She finds Ravi’s ring and decides this ring will get into Anjali’s throat now. She mixes it in some separated mixture. Outside, Ravi notices Sangeeta wasn’t there and was tensed. She goes inside to get water. In the kitchen, Ravi finds everything in place. Sangeeta comes out of the bath and asks if she was looking for something? Ravi taunts she wanted to check if Sangeeta is still sitting under the bed. She boasts Sangeeta doesn’t know her yet, and will soon recognize her. Sangeeta smirks that she will enjoy it when the ring gets into Anjali’s throat.

Ajji suggests the ladies about playing a game. Anjali announces to play Tug of War. Ravi tells Anjali they will surely win as they are in a single team. Bella leaves for office. Ravi makes a strategy that the strongest must go to the last, one must pull the rope not from the wrist as it might twist. She asks for everyone’s hand. Ravi’s team win the game. As Ravi dances, Anjali fell off. Everyone holds her. A lady asks for tea, Ravi forbids Anjali and goes to prepare tea.

Ravi fries the Pakora while Sangeeta await the drama. She screams of pain in her arm. She goes to apply balm in her arm. She finds Ravi frying the Pakora in kitchen and comes outside to find Ajji’s letter. Ravi comes outside. Sangeeta hides the letter. Ravi asks why she seems nervous. Sangeeta says she only feels pain in her arm. Ravi says it seems she was caught red handed in some stealing. Sangeeta warns Ravi to be in her limits. Ravi says she has kept her eyes over Sangeeta, always.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sangeeta fries the batter with the ring for Anjali. Ravi serves pakoras. Anjali chokes of something getting into her throat.

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