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Dil Dhoondta Hai 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Manjeet and Guljeet ask Ravi to say it’s a lie. Ravi says she can’t forget she is married, and only thinks about Vishi. She is helpless about it no matter what they punish her.
Avinash scolds Vishi. If they brought him up for this day? Ajji tells Avinash they bring up their kids only for them to stay happy. Ravi is a nice girl, and when she first came to their house she had thrown the rice pot with her right foot on the door. Anjali and Kavita say they like Ravi. Abhijeet says they can’t do anything now, as they are married.

There in the room, Parneet insists Ravi must marry Happy anyway. Ravi says she actually married Vishi. Guljeet says he has been unable to believe Ravi, she shows them the photo-shoot in which they had played roles for a drama. She says it happened in Mumbai.

Avinash asks if Ravi will be able to adjust in their small house. She has been brought up in much luxury. Parneet asks Ravi if she will be able to adjust in a chawl in Mumbai. Ravi says there must be space in one’s heart not home. Parneet insists this is only filmy talk. A maid comes to inform them that Vishi’s family is leaving. Manjeet and Guljeet go outside. Parneet and Baldev also leave.

Vishi was waiting for Ravi in the hall. He questions Ravi when did they marry? Why she lied about it, what he must reply to his parents now? Ravi tells Vishi it’s because of him, she was afraid to lose him forever. She never thought she will fell in love at first sight with someone. She can do anything for this love now. If Vishi had spoken up, she wouldn’t have to lie. Vishi says he didn’t know she loves him. Ravi asks if he can’t look it into her eyes. And even last night she confessed her love to him. Vishi was clueless. Ravi asks Vishi if he was in brown blanket last night. Vishi says it was Abhijeet there.

Ravi now realizes her mistake, and says she thought he signaled her positively. Vishi says he didn’t say a yes. Tears fell off Ravi’s eyes, and she agrees to break the truth in front of family. Vishi warns she will have to marry happy them. Ravi was upset, she says it won’t matter to her. Vishi smiles and offers to help her; asks to select a finger. She selects one, Vishi seriously agrees to keep the lie for her. Ravi says he needn’t do this favor to her, his parents should also not stay in such a tension. She doesn’t want to impose her love over him. As she passes him he holds her hand. He asks her to lie for him now; he doesn’t only love her but love her the most.

Later, Vishi and Ravi watch their families from window and wish they were happy. Vishi says the news came as a blow to them, they will accept it in a while. Anjali and Ajji were looking for them around the house. Ravi was sure Vishi will win her family’s heart. Vishi tells her that everyone in his house already likes her, and Ajji always teased him from her name. They hug each other. Ajji and Anjali find them this way. They turn to get shocked at the presence.

The next morning, all families had gathered around. Ravi turns to leave if they don’t want to say anything. Anjali stops her. Manjeet argues she has started to order her daughters even now. Anjali says if they have to take a decision about the children, it must be in front of them. Ravi says they already told everyone that they are married. Parneet says they believe they aren’t married yet. Avinash says it was only an emotional step. Parneet warns Ravi that their lifestyle is completely different, will she be able to adjust? Manjeet insists it’s a mistake and can’t be improved. Ravi says they are happy even if it’s a mistake. Vishi also says they don’t want to improve their mistake. Parneet says they are grownups now, they should be married through customs. Its their problem if their life is spent happily or in sorrows, they only have to give their blessings. Guljeet and Avinash hug each other. Vishi winks at Ravi with a smile.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ravi and Vishi get married. Ravi notices Parneet wasn’t there. In Parneet’s room, Ravi and Vishi try to take his blessings. Parneet says he is sure Ravi would return to them when she is hungry.

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