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Dil Dhoondta Hai 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sonia Attacks Ravi


Dil Dhoondta Hai 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 19th December 2017 Episode Start WithVishi avoids Sonia while she tries to get close to him. Vishi suddenly goes into the kitchen. Sonia watches the paan on bed, and recalls she had changed the mark on paan in plate while she hit Sangeeta. Vishi comes outside, Sonia says she can no more wait as she has wait enough for past eighteen years. Sonia looks outside through the window and was shocked to see something. Ravi had come to knock the door and hits Vishi while Sonia runs outside the house in a hurry.

There, Sangeeta finds some papers under a fan. Bella comes there and runs outside with the papers. Anjali cheerfully calls Vishi. He was also relieved to see Chawl papers, and thinks Sonia can’t do any harm to them anymore.
Sonia asks Kushal what he is doing here. Kushal questions what she up to be? He forces her tocome along him. Ravi calls from behind that she must have to leave. Sonia says it has been enough now, tomorrow she will auction this chawl and throw them all out of their houses. Ravi looks towards Vishi, then pleads not to do this. She changes her tone and says Sonia would need Chawl papers for the purpose. Vishi shows the papers to Sonia. Vishi tells Kushal to take his sister away from here, they have had enough of her. Sonia watch Vishi and Ravi hold hands while Kushal takes her. Anjali was happy. Ravi says she thought… Vishi asks if she thought she will lose him. Their love isn’t as weak.

The next morning, Ajji was upset about eating the paan. Ravi says she has two good news for Ajji. She firstly hands her the papers of chawl. Ajji was in a disbelief initially. Secondly Sonia has also left the chawl. Vishi feels bad for being a reason for this trouble. Ajji says not her, but Vishi and Ravi went through a great testimony. She tells them to go to temple now and pray for themselves.
Kushal drove the car while Sonia sat tear eyed. She pulls the hand breaks by holding a cushion at her own face. The car stops by a jerk and Kushal hits his head over the steering.
Ravi and Vishi visit the temple together.

Kushal wakes up in his car to find Sonia was nowhere around.
As Ravi was about to sit on the floor her bangles break. She was worried. Sonia appears in the temple holding an axe in hand. The Pandit brings Ravi a pot and sends her towards a tree. Sonia was standing near the tree with the axe.

Kushal comes looking for Sonia at Dalvi’s house. Everyone was worried there. Anjali calls Vishi to inform him that Sonia has fled.
Sonia attacks Ravi from over the tree with an axe. Ravi fell on the floor. Sonia was about to hit her with an axe again, Ravi defends herself by rolling over and then grabbing the axe. She says Sonia will lose Vishi forever if she kills her. She swirls Sonia around who fell over the floor. Ravi runs towards a forest. Sonia throws the axe towards Ravi from a distance hurting her. Vishi calls on Ravi’s cell phone. Ravi finds the axe tucked over a tree trunk. She asks Sonia why she hates her. Sonia blames Ravi to have snatched her eighteen years old love. Ravi and Sonia grab the axe together.

Vishi comes looking for Ravi. Vishi’s call takes Ravi’s attention and she drops the axe. Sonia chases Ravi with the axe. Ravi’s dupatta and anklet were left on the way. Sonia pushes Ravi over a stone; as she faints Sonia drags Ravi saying it’s time for Ravi to die. Vishi finds Ravi’s anklet and dupatta in the way.
Sonia tells Ravi its time for her to leave the world and Vishi’s life.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : When Vishi finally reach Ravi she was half in a mud jive.

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