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Dil Dhoondta Hai 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ravi Doesn’t Fell Prey To Sonia’s Traps


Dil Dhoondta Hai 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 1st December 2017 Sonia tries to get close to Vishi in the market but stays unsuccessful. Ravi was waiting for Vishi and Sonia to return. Sonia spots Ravi waiting for them through the window. She fells faint, Vishi had to pick her in his arms home. At home, Ravi was really tensed for her. Sangeeta says their plan has gone flop. Later at night, Ravi was looking for her ring. Sonia shows her that she had worn it, and asks Ravi to keep it for a few days. Ravi happily allows her. Sonia shows Ravi the selfies she and Vishi had taken in the market. Ravi appreciates all of them and wasn’t jealous at all. The three share sad looks.

At night, Vishi hugs Ravi from behind and was apologetic that she wanted to have gola today. He had prepared it for her at home. Ravi enjoys the gola and shares it with Vishi as well, romantically. Ravi offers to take him to Kashmir and spills the gola into his shirt. They enjoy and hug each other. The ladies watch them together. Anjali was sure tomorrow it will affect their love surely.

The next morning, Ravi asks Sonia for tea. Sonia asks about the family. Vishi was having a bath and sends Ravi to get water, as there is soap all over his face. Sonia watches Ravi fill a bucket, she takes the one from Ravi and sends her to fill another. She cautiously knocks the door, Vishi opens the door with a towel, while he face was covered in soap. Sonia gets into the bath. Vishi holds her hand and they slip in the bath. Ravi opens the door and was shocked to see Vishi over Sonia. Anjali and Sangeeta had come from behind. Vishi washes his face at once and explains to Ravi he thought it was her. Sonia apologizes as she had come to help only but slipped. Ravi leaves while Vishi hurries behind her. Anjali and Sangeeta were excited that this will now distance them from each other.

Vishi asks everyone about Ravi outside in the chawl. A boy says he had seen Ravi going outside. Vishi was worried where Ravi had gone. Sonia was applying makeup, Ravi shouts at her from behind and snatches the ring off Sonia’s hand; slapping her hard on face. Ravi tells Sonia she will never succeed in her plan to trap Vishi, as she is going to push her out of the house. She pushes Sonia out and throws her bag as well. Anjali and Sangeeta come to take Sonia out of her day dream. Sonia makes up that it was only a night mare. Ravi actually comes from behind and takes her ring off Sonia’s hand.

Sonia holds her face while Ravi holds her hand up. But Ravi instead gifts her another ring and says Vishi had gifted her this ring, so she brought her another one. She explains it’s a different one, but she wants to save Sonia from any misunderstanding. Vishi comes from behind happy to see Ravi, he was afraid and says he looks across the whole market. Ravi assures Vishi she will never leave him, no matter how much one tries (looking towards Sonia). She says Vishi must have had the misunderstanding only because of the ring and lay her head over his chest. The ladies fume.

Ravi and Vishi sat on the stairs together. Ravi says it was only a misunderstandings. She says she was sure if he knew it wasn’t her, he must have run away afraid from there. Vishi looks towards her intently and says only this is the reason he loves her. Ravi asks him to hold a finger and says she loves him more; they argue about it. Vishi matches their fingers saying they both love each other. Ravi places her head over his shoulder and says she trusts him completely. Anjali and Sangeeta were hearing the conversation curtly. Vishi turns to pick up Ajji, Ravi goes behind. Anjali and Sangeeta discuss that Ravi won’t leave Vishi so easily. Sonia comes to say Ravi won’t be here to go to station with Vishi. They smirk.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sangeeta tells Anjali that Sonia has fallen into a manhole near the public toilet. Ravi hurries to help Sonia. There, Sonia covers a manhole with dried grass and waits for Ravi to fell in it.

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