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Dil Dhoondta Hai 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Avinash scolds Vishi and was about to hold a hand over him.
At night, everyone was preparing for bedding. Anjali was arguing with Avinash for scolding Vishi in front of everyone and says he is jealous of Vishi. Abhijeet and Bela were trying to keep a curtain, Avinash tells Abhijeet not to attempt force a nail into the wall, and it’s already weak.

He reminds Abhijeet how Vishi and he bear the expenses of the house; and Abhijeet doesn’t share anything. Abhijeet argues artists are always poor. Avinash tells Anjali he is proud of his son, but he is a father and holds a right to scolds him. Vishi hears this all from outside. Anjali sends him to call Vishi and he finds Vishi outside, takes money from him for cigarette and leaves. Inside, Aaji reminds Avinash to apologize Vishi.

Vishi says its ok, Avinash scolds him for his attitude. Later, Anjali accompanies Vishi while his meal and discuss Payam’s mother in law to be is a short tempered lady. Vishi mocks they forgot their own daughter.
On the roof, Ravi was excited and shares with Baldev how Mumbai is filled with lights.

In the morning, Vishi was playing football. Avinash passes by taunting them and was hit at the back. Vishi was waiting for Abhijeet to come out of washroom, he comes to say a sorry to Avinash. Avinash scolds him again and tells Aaji he was hit by the football. Aaji calls Avinash to rub balm. Vishi was in a hurry, Avinash asks if it’s not Saturday. Papa ji comes to ask Vishi if he isn’t ready yet. Avinash asks where? Vishi says he has to go pick Baldev’s family from guest house and clear any doubts, he holds Avinash’s respect really high. Avinash had a doubt if he really holds him high.

At the guest house reception, Manjeet asks why Vishi calls Harnam as Papa ji. Vishi says Payam used to call him Papa ji, so do they all. They inquire him about Vishi, Vishi says for him Payam is like his sister Kavita. She remains quiet in front of elders but got a sweet tongue. They will lose some of chawl’s lights when she has left.
At chawl, they all welcome Baldev’s family. Baldev and Payam smile at each other. Ravi teases Baldev. Avinash suggests about sending them to their house. Papa ji sends Kavita with them. Aaji greets the couple and had no objection with them accompany each other. Aaji teases Baldev and sends some neighborhood ladies away, not to disturb them. Kavita forbids Baldev to mind anything about Aaji.

At Papa ji’s place they all hear about Janmashtmi preparations. Ravi was excited and goes out to see. She asks Kavita about the preparations. Kavita bucks Vishi up who was trying to climb the boy’s shoulders. Ravi tightly shuts her eyes as they fall off. Kavita says its practice, they might fall a lot of times.

At home, Baldev asks Payam if she would be able to live with him, its quiet in village. Payam says she is slow and will live there.

Outside, Ravi was upset that she won’t be able to stay till Janmashtimi. She watches a water pipe nearby, asks Kavita to hold a finger and points the hose at Vishi. Vishi loses the grip of his hand and falls over Ravi. Everyone in the chawl had gathered around. The families were irked.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ravi tells Baldev in the room that she herself would select a handsome guy. Vishi enters the room then.

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