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Dil Dhoondta Hai 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sangeeta-Suresh Replace Real Ajji With A Stranger


Dil Dhoondta Hai 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 25th December 2017 Episode Start With Ravi discusses with Anjali and Sangeeta about Ajji’s condition. Sangeeta says its an age effect. Ravi says they will take Ajji to hospital in the evening and leaves for nursery.

Outside, Ravi brings the radio to Ajji. Ajji asks her to play the music, and turns on the latest song. Ravi was shocked to see her dance around. Everyone from the chawl gather to see her perform over a disco music. Ravi and others take her inside. Ravi questions how was she dancing, she looked so different. Ajji says a person must change with time; dancing brings in energy in the body.

At night, Ajji comes out of the bath and scratches around. Everyone was worried and goes to get some remedies, but Ajji wasn’t there on her chair. Ravi looks around for Ajji, a boy says she left towards the old temple.Ravi comes looking for Ajji. She looks around, then calls Vishi out of worry.

Ajji comes towards a bowl and fills it with coins stuffed in her mouth. Ravi slaps Ajji and asks who is she? She can’t be Ajji, she doesn’t speak or behave like Ajji. She questions her motives? The lady swears she is Ajji. Ravi wasn’t ready to accept it. The lady finally shouts she isn’t Ajji. Ajji has died already. Ravi questions where her Ajji is. The lady was about to sip some alcohol, Ravi breaks the bottle and asks where her Ajji is. Ravi says the lady would now be answerable to police, she turns to call Vishi. Vishi was tensed as the phone was cut, the lady was wrestling with Ravi. Vishi, Avinash and Abhijeet head towards the way. Vishi called Ravi’s name. Avinash scatters themselves to look for Ravi.

The lady silently warns Ravi that a single false step can push Ajji to death. She shows Ravi a video of Ajji tied with a chair in front of boiling water. As she leaves Ravi, Ravi calls Vishi that she is here. They come to save Ravi and Ajji. Avinash asks Ajji why she left without informing them. Ravi says Ajji’s friend called her here; she thought not to disturb anyone at home and pray here. She says she was tensed and fell there; Ajji had come to help her but was stuck with some thorns herself. Ajji hugs Ravi and says Ravi can find her anywhere. Ravi says she loves her Ajji dearly and will save her at any cost.

Anjali and Sangeeta ask Ajji why she didn’t inform them about anything. Ajji sends Anjali to get her a glass of water. A ball comes into the house, Ajji takes the ball then goes to clean it first. She brings a knife and attempts to cut the ball into two. Everyone was worried about her condition. She was angry at the children for being mischievous all the time, then goes to walk outside. Kavita wonders why she behaves so strange. Ravi wish to tell everyone this isn’t the real Ajji. She decides to reveal the truth as soon as possible.

Outside, Ajji drinks alcohol through a bottle. A few coins fell over her; Sangeeta and Suresh stood over her. Sangeeta was about to open the bottle for her, then breaks it angrily and warns if she commits the mistake again she will throw her where she brought her from.

Sangeeta recalls she came across a lady resembling Ajji from a few goons. She had replaced the real Ajji from the old one on Christmas party. They say Ravi already know and will soon find out the real Ajji, so they need the Chawl papers as soon as possible.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The lady hangs Ravi with the fan upside down. Everyone come inside then to save Ravi.

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