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Dil Dhoondta Hai 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Avinash questions what was this all. Ayi says this couple is a hit, then qualifies she was talking about Payam and Baldev. Guljeet asks what happened. Harnam says it must have been by mistake. Avinash scolds Vishi for always hurting her, he scolds the boys for not being calm. Vishi complains she threw water over him. Ravi holds his hand and signals him not to tell anyone. Vishi puts the blame over Kavita, Ravi makes Avinash up that she is fine then apologizes Vishi.
Vishi comes inside. Dadi teases him.

At home, Avinash hugs Harnam that Baldev and Payam liked each other. Guljeet was reluctant. Harnam says they all liked the proposal, and forbid the dowry as well. Guljeet says they can’t take any decision without Baldev’s uncle’s consent who lives in Canada. On video call, Taya jee asks Payam if she can speak Punjabi. Go to Gurdwara? Can cook? And asks about Cholay recipe? Payam was reluctant. Vishi asks Ravi if she know how to cook and even Taya ji does. He assures it’s not easy to fail Payam. Baldev stood fingers crossed. Vishi asks him to relax. Taya jee tells Payam she forgot tea water in it, it makes the dish tastier. He asks her to be honest with him. She lives in Chawl of Mumbai and they live in huge spaces of Punjab’s village; would she be able to adjust? Payam looks towards her parents a little worried, then answers positively. Taya jee asks how to accept. Payam was reluctant.

Vishi comes to her help. He says when they live in Chawl they learn to adjust in small spaces, the poor of Mumbai is richest at heart. Taya jee calls Guljeet angrily. Vishi introduces himself as her eldest brother, Payam doesn’t cook or stitch for show off. When there was flood, she cooked with her own hands for all the poor. She stitch for poor as well. Avinash also seconds Vishi. Taya jee wasn’t convinced. Ravi asks Baldev to select a finger and says it’s done. Taya jee asks if Baldev like the girl, then fix it. Everyone hug and celebrate. Guljeet asks to do Roka tonight. Ravi brings sweet to Vishi, both share from a single piece.

In the evening, Papa ji comes to thank Vishi arrange for open air function. Vishi asks Sunil who would make the arrangements of chair. Abhijeet brings the jeep and tells him to speak to them about rates and all. Vishi says he will take care of the matter. Harnam blesses everyone is given a son and a brother like Vishi. Avinash come and forbids Harnam get so emotional with Vishi. He asks what Vishi would have done if Taya jee hadn’t agreed. Vishi says he must have taken Baldev and Payam and got them married anyway. Harnam agrees if couple is ready who would object.

In the guest room, Ravi was taking a selfie with Mumbai highway view. Baldev comes to ask if she was serious when she talked about running with Payam. Ravi says she was absolutely serious. She makes him wear his waist coat and compliments he looks really smart. Ravi asks if she is stuck with same matter would he support her. Baldev promises to find a nice guy for her. Ravi says she will find a handsome guy for herself and turns to confront Vishi standing on the door. Baldev compliments Vishi looks even handsome than him. Vishi asks Ravi if she is ready. Ravi says she will need sometime. He laughs that it’s Baldev’s Roka and Ravi would take time, then goes to wait in taxi downstairs. On the reception, he meets a couple Pakya and Roini. Pakya says a lot of people live at home, they come here for privacy sometime.

There, Manjeet assures Guljeet she has taken care of everything. Guljeet asks about the ring but Manjeet tells him to go and check if Baldev is ready. Ravi comes to call them and says she will get ready there. Manjeet forbids him scold Baldev, he also changed twice today. Ravi compliments him. Manjeet scolds Ravi to hurry up. Ravi asks about the ring, Manjeet tells her to go and check in the purse if she has a mistrust. Ravi finds the box empty. Manjeet was worried at once and looks into the purse. Later, Manjeet cries that Guljeet will call Panveer in Canada and he would never forgive her. Ravi suggests about buying a new ring. Manjeet wonders where they will find the jeweler in a new city. Ravi thinks about asking Vishi for help.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ravi asks Anjali what she is wearing. Anjali says this is called nauvari saree. Vishi removes a curtain to confront Ravi dressed up traditionally in Nauvari Saree.

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