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Dil Dhoondta Hai 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ravi and Manjeet come to jewellry shop with Vishi. Vishi smiles as Ravi tries some earrings. Ravi doesn’t Vishi leave them in the shop worried what if they are lost again. Both smile sharing looks.

Abhijeet tells Sunil about an idea of decoration. Bela was also making arrangements. Harnam asks about sweets. A lady Ratna asks Harnam about playing music, Avinash comes to send her away. Harnam shares with Avinash about his fear from Baldev’s uncle. Avinash tells him to be positive. Two boys mock Vishi of being Quli, he hands the suitcases to them and sends them in. Ravi was shocked to see the Rangoli. Vishi comes there and says Sanjana is a champion in creating Rangoli. Ravi greets them and goes to get ready.
Abhijeet brings Baldev to stage and introduces himself as Vishi’s brother.

Avinash goes to send him arrange for cold drinks. At home, Bella and Anjali complement each other. Ajji was getting ready and competes with Anjali. Ravi comes to meet Payam and complements her. Anjali comes there, Ravi asks what is Anjali wearing? Anjali says it’s called nauvari saree. She hurries outside to Avinash’s call. Ravi decides something.

Manjeet complains for the function being held in open air. Avinash qualifies they arrange every function in the chawl like this, its fun. Payam comes down. Joshi comes to ask what Pooja needs to be done. Ajji insults him for coming over for making money. Guljeet comes to confirm from Harnam if everything will happen in Punjabi style. They all ask about Ravi who was missing. Harnam sends Vishi to look for Ravi, Anjali asks about Kavita and tells Abhi to call her.

Vishi looks around in chawl when he finds heavy anklets. He removes the curtain and finds Ravi dressed in nauvari saree and traditional South Asian jewellry. Vishi left awestruck as Ravi places a Bindi on her face. He complements her with his face. Kavita comes in and asks Vishi what he is doing. Vishi asks Kavita to hurry outside, he turns to look towards Ravi again who smiles back.

Everyone in the chawl loves Ravi’s dressing. Baldev asks her to hurry up for his Roka. The ceremony take place according to Punjabi culture. Ajji blesses them both, and warns Baldev not to put Payam in any trouble. Baldev and Payam exchange rings with each other. Ravi comes to take a selfie.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The hotel was sealed, some men informs about police raid there. The guests had to sleep in the chawl. At night, Vishi comes outside to notice Ravi sitting outside.

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