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Dil Dhoondta Hai 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ravi’s Effort To Save Ajji Outcasted By Impostor’s Cunningness


Dil Dhoondta Hai 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 27th December 2017 Episode Start With Ravi was sure her Ajji was kidnapped. Ajji comes to sit with her and asks what is she thinking about, it has been really unjust that she put her life at stake for the family who doesn’t care for her. Ravi asks impostor where her Ajji is. The impostor says she is right, the box Ravi held initially had her Ajji.
Vishi goes out to find Ravi.

The impostor tells Ravi as soon as she realized Ravi was about to find Ajji she followed her. She planned to hit her head with a wooden rod. As soon as Ravi left to get a glass of water she replaced her Ajji with herself. She thought about showing Ravi a face of victory for a while only. Ravi requests her to leave their Ajji. The impostor asks why abide by her, did Ravi abide by her orders? Ravi asks about Ajji’s whereabouts. The impostor says Ajji is death, may her soul rest in peace now. They turn to see Vishi standing there, he comes to Ravi and asks why is she crying? Ravi wasn’t ready to go inside.

Vishi asks what’s going in her mind, they have promised to be with each other. The impostor was relieved for his cluelessness. Vishi asks if she is tensed because of Ajji. The impostor says Ajji is alive, still she is crying; they are with her. Ravi asks Vishi to let her speak with Ajji. When Vishi is gone, Ravi requests the impostor to let her meet her Ajji once. She takes her cell phone and shows her a video of harassing Ajji by cupping her face tightly with a polythein bag. Ravi cries for Ajji. Ravi questions their motives. The impostor says Ravi can’t get her the face of Ajji. She tells her to come inside and not let anyone sense the tension going on between them.

The impostor questions Ajji about Chawl papers. Ajji cries as she doesn’t remember. Sangeeta and Suresh discuss they must somehow bring Ajji to chawl. Suresh says Ajji is really cunning, it might not work. They think about another strategy

Anjali calls Chinni from Woh apna sa and asks if they found Jia. She promises to pray for Jia’s safety and offers any help they can offer. Vishi comes to Ravi in the kitchen and places something on the rack. Ravi takes the rose and smiles at Vishi’s wish for a smile. They smile holding hands with each other.

The imposter returns home from morning walk. She stops Bella from taking the breakfast, as it’s for Abhijeet. Anjali doesn’t let her take from her plate as it’s for Avinash. Ravi is bringing her favorite food for her. Ravi comes out with porridge which is Ajji’s favorite. They all insist its Ajji’s favorite. The imposter was left with a bad mood. Ravi and Vishi closely eye her. The imposter comes to Ravi and scolds her for being tricky to her. Ravi says Anjali told her to prepare her favorite dish. Vishi comes to the kitchen and says this is enough Ajji, now even she would misbehave with Ravi. Vishi goes to speak to her outside.

Outside, the imposter reminds Vishi for always being at Ravi’s side. Vishi asks why she then scolded Ravi for preparing her favorite meal. Vishi was upset as she won’t understand; he thinks Ravi would never be able to come out of stress otherwise.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ravi follows Ajji in the market. The imposter stood at a distance and fire a gun shot towards them. In Who Apna Sa, Nisha blames Arjun for killing Jia. He got her kidnapped and the irresponsibility of goons resulted in Jia’s death. Chinni was shocked to hear this from outside.

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