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Dil Dhoondta Hai 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Avinash carries the gifts of guests but they find police outside the hotel. The men go to check, people tell them about a police raid. Avinash goes to meet the inspector. The inspector says they found some illegitimate acts there, and are sealing the hotel. Ravi goes after her luggage but an inspector misbehaves with her. Baldev has an argument with them, but Avinash requests the inspector to let them in.

In the chawl, Ajji takes the mosquito killer from Abhijeet as it’s hers. Ajji calls him a miser. Bella tells Abhijeet to bring a bottle by taking money from her.

Manjeet asks about her towel. Baldev asks Vishi if he found a hotel. Avinash insists on them to come to her house. Manjeet wasn’t ready to go to bride’s house. Avinash insists they have a relation by heart. Guljeet says Parmeet booked the hotel well through internet. Avinash says they can’t see anything clearly over internet, true recognitions come only when one is close.

In the chawl, Avinash brings the guests. Anjali was worried. Harnam also comes out concerned and asks time for arrangements. Avinash suggest the ladies must sleep in his house, while the gents would live in Harnam’s house. They all agree. The neighbours make arrangements for beddings. Abhijeet was in a mood of romance with Bella but has to leave. Ajji gives her pillow for Manjeet. Harnam leaves his bed for Guljeet. Bella says she is relieved as there are only women today, otherwise one has to take care of nighty all night. Ravi doesn’t understand, so she explains there other men at home. Ravi and Manjeet watch Ajji and Anjali apply oil to their daughter in laws. Ravi signals Manjeet that she would also have to apply oil to Payam.

Avinash tells Vishi to give the soft pillow to Guljeet. Vishi was left with no pillow now. All the men had laid down to sleep. Vishi wakes Avinash up and asks where he must sleep. Guljeet calls him as he can adjust but Vishi gets no pillow and no space.

There, the ladies had laid down. Ravi was awake as Kavita placed a leg over her. Vishi was disturbed by Guljeet’s snores. Vishi finally comes out of the room and finds Ravi sitting on the stairs. He asks why she didn’t sleep. Ravi says its good he is also awake, she couldn’t sleep inside. Vishi says she must not be used to sleep in tight space. Ravi says his sister began cycling so she left way for him. She suggests he must have woken up by her father’s snores. They laugh together.

A neighbor forbids them disturb his sleep by their laugh. Vishi complements Ravi looked nice in nauvaree saree. Ravi asks if there aren’t any dances in the functions here. Vishi qualifies it was a Punjabi function, Ravi says if it was Punjabi he must have seen everyone dancing till now. Ravi goes to teach him Bhangra by playing music on her cell phone. Vishi was unable to follow the steps and slips while Ravi holds him into her arms. They share an eye lock before he straightens up, feeling awkward. Ravi breaks into laughter. Doshi was disturbed again. Ravi asks Vishi when he sleeps.

Vishi says he arrives from office at 10, then has to complete the chores till 12 am. Ravi says she doesn’t do anything, only helps her father sometimes at his restaurant. She plans to get married and settle in Canada. Vishi complements her uncle to be ‘kharoos’. Ravi says he only poses to be strict but he loves her a lot. She recalls he created a song for her, because she was mischievous. Ajji comes outside and asks what’s going on here. She asks Ravi how much rounds Kavita took of cycling. Then says they will get a lot of time together, and insists on Ravi to come inside. Ravi and Vishi turn to look at each other before going inside.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ravi was lost outside Shahrukh Khan’s residence. Vishi informs on phone he has found her and is coming home. Later, Vishi and Ravi are showing getting married in temple.

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