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Dil Dhoondta Hai 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

In the morning, Kavita brings medicine to Avinash. Papa ji brings Paratha for Ajji. Avinash asks if the hotel booking was done, Papa ji says Ratna called her relative and made the booking. He requests Avinash to lend his son to him for one day. Avinash asks what use Abhijeet can be. Papa ji says he needs Vishi. Avinash asks who would do the house chores then. Harnam says he isn’t going anywhere, Baldev’s family wants to see Mumbai. They will have to hire two taxi, he wants to take Vishi. Anjali asks Avinash to let him go.

On the beach, Ravi enjoys the water. She and Vishi run into the water hand in hand and take selfies. Papa ji turns to go to Bandra, Ravi was excited to visit Shahrukh Khan’s residence. Vishi brings cotton candy to Ravi, but she throws both of them. Ravi and Vishi assure the elders they would follow them. Vishi suggest Baldev and Payam to leave in an auto, they will get lone time. Ravi and Vishi were excited. While passing through Manna, Ravi asks if Shahrukh would come to open the gate if she bells. Vishi says he would have servants. Ravi asks to see the shooting, but thinks she might not be able to do. Vishi says they can, only if Ravi lies about going missing again.

Vishi gets a call in the auto, he says he is going to Bandra to collect some documents. Ravi asks why he lied? He says for her. On the set, a spot boy asks if they want a photo with the actor. Ravi says yes. She was afraid as she gets Manjeet’s call, and request Vishi to speak to her. Vishi says Ravi was lost outside Shahrukh Khan’s residence, they will soon come. Vishi’s friend comes to ask him play a junior side role, they must stand in the background and make each other wear wedding garlands; it’s urgent. Vishi was reluctant, but Ravi was excited. At the sets, Ravi gives her cell phone to take a photo. The spot boy tells Ravi to take her bangles off. It was Ravi and Vishi’s turn to make each other wear garlands. They click selfies at various locations in Mumbai. The families were waiting for Vishi and Ravi. The two reached then. Manjeet scolds Ravi.

At Vishi’s home, Abhijeet was hurrying into his room. Anjali could smell and asks if he got drunk. Abhijeet says he only took a single beer, his show went houseful so they went for party. Avinash taunts he has no money for work at home and is partying with friends. Vishi comes home then. Kavita asks how was it with Ravi and makes fun of his smirks. Ajji laughs too.

The next morning, Ravi was packing her bag. She finds their photo in wedding garlands and decides to give it to him at railway station. There, Avinash advices Abhijeet not to drink today, he must save money to get the wall constructed. Papa ji comes to take Vishi, but Vishi apologizes. He assures he told Sunil to carry their luggage. Bella asks Vishi why he denied going. Vishi says he dislikes to see of people.

At the hotel restaurant, Manjeet asks where Ravi is. She comes out asking about Vishi. Papa ji says he left for office, as he was getting late. Ravi was annoyed. Kavita reads Ravi’s message of good bye and asks Vishi if she didn’t get the message. Vishi denies. Anjali asks Vishi if he must take his pant to washing. Vishi hurries to check the pockets, and takes the bangles from it.

At the railway station, Guldeep and family take a leave before boarding the train. Ravi turns around before boarding the train, then was about to climb up when she watches Vishi hurrying downstairs. Ravi watches him smile and comes back from the train.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : On the video call, Ravi complains Vishi for forgetting her just like his sister. Harnam gets a call from Guldeep that the wedding won’t take place in Mumbai.

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