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Dil Dhoondta Hai 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vishi runs towards Ravi, he explains to Papa ji he wanted to return Ravi’s bangles. He walks to Ravi, she smiles and takes the bangles back. Both were nervous. Manjeet calls Ravi to hurry inside the train, she takes a leave and board. Vishi walks with the train door a few steps, his smile vanishes as Ravi moves away.
In the chawl, Bella brings sweet for everyone.

Ajji takes her bowl. Avinash reminds her sugar was high but Ajji complains they don’t let her eat. Everyone seconds Ajji, Payam requests Avinash to let Ajji eat some of the sweet. Sanjo begins to cry at once thinking about Payam’s wedding. All the men there assure they will make every event the best. Sanjo says no matter how much one does, something is always lesser. Ajji tells her to concentrate on preparing for Payam only. Payam gets a video call from Ravi. Ravi was on railway station and complains Payam had forgotten her. Payam asks if he is also there, Payam shies as Ravi teases her. Payam turns the phone towards Vishi who slips while waving Ravi.

The next morning, everyone was fighting for water. Bella and Abhijeet were getting ready for work. Ajji tells Bela that life improves with hard work. Vishi comes out of the bath worried that there is no water. Avinash scolds him not to wake up early. Anjali asks what about the three buckets they filled in the morning. Vishi says Avinash bathed with it. Papa ji books a water tank. Payam brings a bucket outside for Vishi. Vishi says he is happy she is marrying somewhere where there won’t be any tensions about water.
In the village, Ravi was looking for Baldev. Baldev was talking to Payam on phone. Baldev deters to tell Manjeet about her and Vishi. Ravi leaves him and run away.

Rajo was excited about gifts from Payam’s house. Manjeet was unhappy by the gifts. Baldev comes there and tells Manjeet he will buy all the sweet to be distributed in their neighborhood. Ravi teases him with Payam’s name. Manjeet was curt that Baldev would even shy at her name. Ravi goes to send Roka pics to Payam. Guldeep asks him to call Parneet and ask about the date of wedding, so that they can prepare well.
In the office, Vishi makes up to his boss that he was ill. His colleague asks for warm water. At boss inquiry, Vishi says he is getting injection and some tablets as well. Ravi makes a video call to Vishi, and complains about forgetting her. She asks him to share some Roka photos, Vishi says he didn’t take any. She complements his office is beautiful and leaves him for work. Vishi’s colleagues tease him as they watch photos of Roka. Vishi sends them all away.

In the village, the family was speaking to Parneet on videocall. Ravi comes there, greets him and complains Manjeet took all her Mumbai memorable photos. Parneet tells Manjeet to return her photos, he will soon call her here. Ravi was excited to go to Canada. Guldeep asks about wedding date, and about his arrival. Baldev tells him to book his tickets for Mumbai. Parneet was silent at once.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Everyone in the chawl distribute wedding responsibilities. Guldeep calls Harnam and says wedding won’t take place in Mumbai.

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