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Dil Dhoondta Hai 3rd January 2018 Written Episode Update

Sangeeta’s Truth Revealed


Dil Dhoondta Hai 3rd January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 3rd January 2018 Episode Start with Ravi was taken into operation theatre for removing the bullet. Vishi sat outside, devastated. Ajji brings a glass of water for him. The family also arrive at the hospital. Vishi cries badly hugging Anjali. Anjali assures no one will part him from Ravi. The doctor comes out of operation theatre, but wasn’t much hopeful as Ravi isn’t conscious yet. He considers the next 24 hours critical. Abhijeet calms Vishi as he pleads the doctor to save Ravi. The doctor assures their full efforts. Ajji notices a strange eye communication between Sangeeta and Suresh. Ravi was taken out of operation theatre, Vishi cries as Ravi was unconscious.

Vishi walks outdoor towards a temple, recalling how Ravi got the bullet shot at him. She questions the God why Ravi is always put into testimonies. A man comesto the temple, practicing a self-hurting offering. Vishi performs the same, and hurts himself until he faints.
Ravi’s hand moves in the hospital, she wakes up calling Vishi’s name. Everyone from the family was relieved. Later Vishi brings Ravi home on wheel chair. Ajji and Anjali do the Aarti. Sangeeta’s phone bell rings, Ravi and Ajji closely observe her changing expressions while she poses to not being able to hear. The phone bell rings again. Sangeeta goes outside to take the call, Suresh follows.

Sangeeta takes the call from impostor. The impostor reminds Sangeeta of her promise to get her out of the jail. Sangeeta asks how she got the mobile in jail. The impostor warns her to get her freed, else they will also have to rot in jail. Sangeeta was worried and tells Suresh about the woman. Suresh regrets as they didn’t get the papers of chawl, and will have to face lockup now as well. Anjali and others had joined Avinash. Sangeeta laughs saying she was discussing with Suresh about going on a Yatra as Ravi was fine. Anjali shouts at them to stop it now. Avinash says they have heard each word of whatever she said on phone. He asks for Sangeeta’s phone, but she doesn’t hand it over.

Sangeeta says a lady is teasing her friend; Kavita signals if it’s the same as Ajji’s impostor. Bella says the papers must be the ones of chawl. Suresh interrupts them for blaming him and Sangeeta pointlessly. They were about to leave when Ajji slaps her, and says she must have killed Suresh when he was born. He used his mother for a few pennies. He changed so much and committed repeated mistakes. Sangeeta now shouts at them to stop it, she never forgot how they disgraced them. They only returned to earn a lot of money by selling the chawl. She got to know about RV, the builder; then found the impostor and got Ajji kidnapped. Anjali slaps Sangeeta for confessing her own crimes. Sangeeta says they can’t do any harm to her, as they have no proof against her. Ravi calls from behind, they have the proof.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 4th January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Sangeeta tells Ravi she will surely return. Avinash watches Vishi meet a friend for some papers. At home, Ravi asks Vishi what this is.

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