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Dil Dhoondta Hai 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ravi Wins Over Again


Dil Dhoondta Hai 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 4th December 2017 Episode start With Sangeeta and Anjali creates panic that Sonia has fallen into public toilet manhole. Ravi hurries outside to help her. Sonia screams for help as she covers the manhole with the grass. Sonia watches Ravi step over the grass covered manhole. Anjali and Sangeeta runs towards the back of toilets excited, but finds Sonia fallen in the manhole. Sonia asks for help. Sangeeta wonders how she came here. Ravi says she will tell them. She reminds Sangeeta came to tell her that Sonia has fallen in the manhole; if it was their plan? She cheers that their plan was ruined and leaves with a laugh. Anjali and Sangeeta drags Sonia outside the hole.

At night, Sonia screams as Anjali applies an ointment over her bruises. Ravi comes in. Sonia was about to blame Ravi when Vishi and Ajji come in from behind. Ajji asks who this lizard is. Sonia screams of lizard. Anjali reminds Ajji this is Sonia. Ajji tells her to touch her feet as she blesses her. She asks if she still plays in mud. Ravi says she had really fallen today; and says she fall into a manhole and must be badly hurt. She warns Sonia to walk sensibly the next time. Vishi asks how she had fallen. Anjali changes the topic and asks Ajji about Mausi? Ajji says she is fine, and asks about the matters here. Anjali and Sangeeta make up that the missed her. Ravi says she missed her the most, she has to tell her a lot. Ajji kiss her hands out of love.

Late at night, everyone was sitting out. Ajji brings Ravi aside and asks what she had to tell her. Bella comes there worried for Sangeeta and Suresh. Both were packing bags inside. Everyone was concerned. Suresh says he is fine now, it seems they must return. Ravi was thoughtful. Sangeeta thanks them for letting them stay here. Abhijeet asks where they would go. Avinash asks if there house isn’t locked? Ajji stops them and asks if he feels ashamed of staying with them. Suresh says he feels ashamed of staying here. Ajji says this is her house, and only her orders work here. Her children will live here forever. Ravi watches Sangeeta and Anjali share an approving smirk.

Ajji was listening to music at night. She comes to Sonia who was applying makeup, then tells her to let her skin breathe for some time. She says not everyone is as pretty as Ravi is, she wakes up fresh and pretty always. Vishi winks at Ravi.

In the morning, Anjali and Sangeeta discuss that Ajji can’t see anyone in front of Ravi. Anjali was upset that she has been unsuccessful to get Ravi out of the house, and even Ajji is here to ruin all their planning. There, Ajji comes out looking for Anjali. Sonia discusses a plan with the ladies. Ajji hears the conversation from behind and calls Anjali. The ladies were cautious and turns around. Ajji held a sandal to Anjali. Sonia hides behind Sangeeta while they were both afraid. Ajji asks Anjali to check why her sandal doesn’t fit her. They were relieved. Anjali goes to get the sandal repaired.

Anjali comes to Ajji and reminds her that she forgot they distribute Prasad on the day. She says Sonia will prepare the Prasad. Ajji asks why some outsider will prepare Prasad, Ravi will do it. Anjali says Ravi got in such a bad condition even last time as well. Ravi says she will prepare the Prasad. Anjali warns it’s not that easy, but Ravi says it isn’t as difficult as well. Anjali tells Ravi to wear Saree as well.

Outside, Anjali tells Ravi she needs to powder the wheat grains, then prepare the Prasad. Bella instructs Ravi how to do it. Ravi sits with the saree and works with hand mill. Sonia comes out thinking soon Ravi will move in circles along with this hand mill. She comes to Ravi and apologizes for what happened yesterday; it was her mistake but Sangeeta is like that. It was better she suffered in the end and asks if Ravi wants a glass of water. A lady from the neighbors tells Ravi that Ajji is calling her. Sonia assure she is here and will work with the mill. Ravi stands up to set her saree. Sonia tucks the saree in the mill and begins swirling it, along with enjoying the music. Ravi swirls around with the mill, her dress draping off the body.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Everyone had gathered around Ravi. Vishi runs to help her get the saree of hand mill and hugs her tightly to save her.

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