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Dil Dhoondta Hai 4th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Vishi’s Decision To Buy A New Apartment


Dil Dhoondta Hai 4th January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 4th January 2018 Episode Start With Vishi says the impostor confessed all her crimes, and its Sangeeta and Suresh’s turn. Sangeeta deters she will return for sure. Ajji was crying while the family assures they are all with her. Ajji says God had sent Ravi as a replacement, she is Lakshmi in the house.

At night, the family enjoyed sweet together. Avinash was happy that the New Year began well this time. Ajji pray everyone live happy and together like this. Vishi was thoughtful that everyone is happy now. He must tell Ravi about their new house. Anjali sends Vishi to call Ravi outside as well. Inside, Ravi tries to sit and hold something from the table. A family photo fell off her hand which Vishi saves. He was concerned if she is in pain? Does she need something? Ravi says she only wants his support, she thanks him for always being with her.

They watch their family photo and says she always wished such a family, which never leave each other’s side. And a husband who dearly loves his family and make them feel safe. Vishi smiles weakly and thinks Ravi has been connected to the family. He wonders what he must do now.

The next morning, Ajji was enjoying music. Anjali brings tea for everyone. Abhijeet requests Avinash for a dinner outside. Avinash shouts what Abhijeet thinks of him, would he agree abruptly? Then agrees, saying he also knows some acting. A man arrives at the door, Vishi watches the file and runs outside. It was an agent from the builders to give him booking forms. Vishi tells him not to come here without calling him the next time. He turns to see Avinash stand at the door. Avinash goes inside.

By the time Vishi enters the house, the family sat upset. Ajji asks Vishi to say it’s all a lie. Anjali was crying in a corner. Ravi questions what this all is. Abhijeet asks why Vishi didn’t share it with anyone else. Ajji says the good days only started. Avinash scolds everyone to stop it, if he wish to leave the house he can go. Does he think they can’t live without them? He is alive to run the house, and do it without Vishi as well.

Vishi tries to explain but Anjali begins to cry loud now. Vishi asks her to understand him, till when would they live in such a small house? Anjali says living together needs love, not space. Vishi asks Ravi to at least understand him, he must have shared with her earlier. Ravi complains he didn’t. Vishi says it was the situations, Ajji’s return was more important. Ravi asks if he didn’t consider once how they will live without them all.

He is the son, courage and strength of this house. Vishi says he began to lose his strength watching Ravi suffer. They all behaved badly with Ravi; she suffered. He made some promises with Ravi; holds some responsibilities towards her. And they are parting from the house, not by heart; will she go with him? Ravi withdraws her hand saying no. She says she is happy in this house, with these people; she can’t leave them. She lives in Ajji’s lap, Anjali’s motherhood, Avinash’s blessings and everyone’s laughter. He can buy a house not home. If it’s for her happiness, she is happy with the family. They must live together.

Avinash says even Ravi know what’s good for the family. Vishi says alright, if Ravi also doesn’t value him she might not accompany him. Anjali asks if he is complaining they don’t value him. Avinash says if he wants to leave, he might go. If her son wish to break the house, he may proceed. Suresh also left this house a few years back. May be the younger sons always leave this family. He must remember once gone, he will have no relation with this family anymore. Vishi was hurt and leaves the house. Ajji fell on the floor, shattered.

Vishi thinks he was considering Ravi’s happiness. He has always kept his family’s happiness before his. He thought his family must shift from chawl and gave them a plan about getting a house in society. Avinash had argued that they were happy where they had been. Vishi planned to move forward, but Avinash said he had no complains with this life. Vishi thinks he always wished to give a better life to the family, but Avinash wasn’t ready to leave the life of this chawl, where one doesn’t get a fair share of sky.

Ajji comes to Ravi who was worried that Vishi wish to leave the chawl. Ajji tells her to go with Vishi, everyone is right in his opinion. Ravi must go and live happily in the new house. Ravi says she won’t be able to live happy without them. Ajji asks if she would be happy without Vishi?
Vishi thinks even Ravi doesn’t understand for whom he wish a better life standard for.
Ajji tells Ravi to go with Vishi.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 5th January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Vishi was angry with Ravi. She brings the food platter and forwards a bite towards him. He pushes her hand away, she cries out of pain.

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