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Dil Dhoondta Hai 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ravi Leaves Home


Dil Dhoondta Hai 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 6th December 2017 Episode start with Ravi comes inside, she gathers the family as she has to say something important to them. She calls Anjali and Sangeeta outside the kitchen as well and Sonia too. Ajji asks Ravi what has happened. Ravi tells Ajji whatever happened yesterday wasn’t an accident, it was a planning well executed. She comes to Anjali now and says she did this. Vishi asks if Ravi is in her senses, Ravi cries that she was as shocked when she got to know about it. But unluckily, Anjali has tried to disgrace and harm her more than once. They ask why she would do so.

Ravi says because Anjali doesn’t want her to stay here. Anjali fell on the bed wondering why she would do so. Avinash wasn’t ready to accept Anjali can do any such thing. Ravi says she has a proof against them today, and asks Vishi to check a video on his cell phone. She goes to plug the phone with the LCD. The video plays. Ravi says they will clearly see Anjali and Sangeeta cheered and took her photos when she was being disgraced. Anjali was nervous but the video was stuck in the middle. Sonia winks towards Anjali and Sangeeta. Vishi stops Ravi but she insists she had seen it by herself.

Sangeeta questions where it went? Anjali cries that she kept her as a daughter, but Ravi has hurt her badly. Sangeeta tells Ravi to at least care about her own respect. Vishi stops Sangeeta. He tells Ravi there must be a misunderstanding, but he is also sure Anjali can’t be so wrong. Ravi asks him to trust her, she herself saw them taking her photos. She was sure they have edited the video, then comes to Avinash and says the three of them are playing games against her. Anjali tells Ravi to stop it, she is blaming her for such fallen acts? Why would she ruin her son’s happiness? She has forgiven Ravi’s mistakes only because her son loves her. They even lied about marrying with Vishi, still she let her live in her house. Anjali demands Ravi apologizes her right away, else anyone of them would live here.

Vishi requests Anjali to calm down, he requests Ajji to speak to Anjali. Then asks Ravi to apologize. Ravi announces she is ready to leave the house, but will not apologize. Because Anjali is at wrong, and this isn’t a misunderstanding. Vishi was shocked. Ravi was sure her proof was edited, but this won’t change the truth. She won’t back up and bring the truth to everyone. Anjali was happy about it.

Ravi packs her bag. Vishi says he can’t let Ravi leave the house alone. He would also go with her. The family was in a state of shock. Vishi says his wife blamed Anjali, and he is as wrong as she is. His punishment is also to leave Anjali, as he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. Ravi asks Vishi why would he leave? Only she will go. Vishi wasn’t ready to let Ravi go. She withdraws her hand and asks him to let her go; and not to confront her. Anjali looks towards Sangeeta victoriously. Vishi goes behind Ravi and doesn’t stop at Anjali’s call.

Outside, Vishi stops Ravi. Ravi says she wants to go alone. Whatever happened is between her and Anjali, and she doesn’t want a son to get away from his mother. Vishi asks if he can live without her. Ravi swears him not to come behind her and go home. Vishi asks where she would stay then. Harnam comes from behind and says at his place? Ravi goes to Payam’s home. Both cry, doomed at the separation. Anjali cries watching Vishi shattered, as he cries placing his head into Ajji’s lap.

At night, Ajji comes to meet Ravi near the temple. Ravi was concerned if someone watches her? She asks how Ravi is. Ravi was upset how can she be without Vishi? She is so lucky to have a loving husband like Vishi. But one has to bear the false to get something good. They have vowed to do bring the truth to everyone. It’s better she doesn’t stay there, this way they will make mistakes and one day be caught red handed. Ajji tells her not to back up now. Ravi promises to unveil their truth one day.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Anjali says she wants Ravi out of her son’s life as well. Ravi comes to see her luggage at fire. As she attempts to put it off, the cupboard fell off.

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