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Dil Dhoondta Hai 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 6th November 2017  Episode start With Kaka insists on Avinash that he will bear the expenses of Pooja. Anjali sends Ravi to wash herself. Ravi says the water has finished. Anjali says Ravi finished it, she must go and refill it herself. Vishi offers to fill the water but Sangeeta sends him for arranging for Pooja. Anjali tells Ravi to fast today, Ravi says she already had tea with Vishi. Ajji says its alright, even Anjali had cups of tea during her Pooja. Ajji was worried about Sangeeta’s sweetness.

Ravi was in the queue to fill water. People there blame Dalvi’s for using much water. Ravi assures she will no more use much water. Vishi comes to do some romance with Ravi, the water finishes in the meanwhile. Anjali watches them together, then tells Ravi she keeps a bucket spare. Later Ravi comes to help Anjali in the kitchen.

Anjali sends her to prepare Rangoli outside. Ravi didn’t know what to do with powder but was happy to see the flowers. Sangeeta and Pappu come to see Ravi had prepared a Rangoli with flowers. They were curt about floral expenses. Sangeet and Ajji appreciate Ravi’s effort and bring the neighbors as well. Some children playing football throw a ball and ruin the Rangoli. Ajji shouts at them but the kids come and apologize Ravi. They insist on Ravi to join them in playing football.

Ravi go with them. As Anjali comes outside, Sangeeta shows her the huge floral Rangoli. Anjali calls Ravi back, scolding her for being childish. She tells Ravi they aren’t rich to bear expenses of repeatedly draw Rangoli. Ajji comes to save Ravi and scolds Sangeeta for pumping everyone.

Vishi comes home, Anjali brings him Pohay. He comes to Ravi who was upset. Vishi convinces her that Anjali is like a coconut, hard from shell but soft on the inside. Ravi says she knows well about it, and that’s not the matter. Vishi insists on her to eat something, as she must be hungry. Ravi denies eating any but Sangeet brings Anjali. Anjali scolds Ravi for not fasting. Vishi says she asked her to eat, he doesn’t believe in fasting. Anjali was teary and asks why he never stopped her in past twenty five years. Vishi says Anjali fasts for Avinash and he believes in fasting. Ajji asks Anjali why is she irritated, she because a new mother in law? Anjali says even Rangoli wasn’t good today and leaves inside. Ajji takes Ravi to teach her Rangoli.

Ajji teaches Ravi to prepare Rangoli outside. Ajji sings for Ravi in Marathi. Ravi asks the meaning, Ajji explains ’one never gets the bread until one burns a hand’. Ravi understands she was scolded to learn better Rangoli. She now sings a Punjabi song. Anjali comes outside with Sangeeta. Sangeeta says Ravi is cunning to get Ajji’s side, now Anjali would be helpless.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anjali backs up her foot when Ravi touches it after Pooja. Later, while making bedding Abhijeet complains about heat in Ankush’s house and Avinash asks for a coil against mosquitoes outside. Vishi comes to announce no one needs to go anywhere.

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