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Dil Dhoondta Hai 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 7th December 2017 Episode start with  In the morning, Vishi smiles watching Ravi sip from his left over cup of tea.

Some ladies from chawl come to Ajji to demand her three names for chawl election. Ajji gives first name of Jagruti, second name of Ravi Dalwi (to Anjali and Sangeeta’s shock). The ladies argue that she has left their house. One of them says Ravi did this all for her self-respect; and they need such people. The ladies go to congratulate Ravi. Ravi was shocked to know Ajji took her name. Ravi and Jagruti congratulate each other. Ravi was determined to bring a new change, and new thinking in the chawl.

The children get around Ravi to help her. Ravi was sure she will do it herself, but the children insist to help her. Vishi laughs watching them prepare charts for Ravi’s election campaign. Ravi shows them a cup of tea, as her symbol. A Santa clause brings chocolates for kids. Ravi says there is time in Christmas. Santa gives her a flower. As children call him as Vishi, Ravi let him go so as to complete her work.
Sangeeta was curt that Ravi is preparing well for elections. Sonia suggests about sending a video on mobile. They make Anjali up. Sonia asks Anjali to speak a little, while she records. Anjali requests everyone to vote for her, she has been working hard for last five years and will continue her hard work.

Ravi goes to place her posters. The children join a number of chart papers, it says RAVI WILL WIN. Ravi wish they didn’t have to go through all these tough times. Vishi comes from behind and tells Ravi he promised to be with her, and he never breaks promises. Ravi decides to place the charts in store room. As she returns with some more she finds all her posters burnt.

She notices a spark in the electric switch. A cupboard fell off to block the way out. Vishi comes out on a call and finds Vishi busy with a call. Vishi hurries with some friends to help Ravi. He gets in to save Ravi and consoles her. He says it was because of short circuit and calms Ravi down. Ravi cries hard for all her posters being burnt. Ravi tells Vishi she feels like losing, her confidence losing now. She worked hard for these posters, but each day comes as a new problem. It seems this would never end. Vishi asks Ravi to choose a finger, and says Ravi isn’t weak. It seems Ravi is getting stronger with each passing day. People can see her facing problems, her courage is being understood. They think she will never accept any defeat, she can’t break their trust. Can’t she see her victory in his eyes? He asks her to laugh now? She forces a smile.

The next morning, Sangeeta brings Anjali outside to see the posters stick all over. They find a few people inspired by Ravi’s hard work. Anjali wonders where all these posters come from. Sonia assures Anjali she had burnt the box of posters in the store room. Ravi comes to Anjali and says there was a fire because of short circuit, her posters burnt but children have worked really hard to make the new ones. She was happy that she will only see Ravi everywhere. Anjali smirks asking what Ravi thinks of herself. If she thinks she can wipe her years long hard work; she will surely win the elections this year as well.

Ajji was worried about the fire. Vishi says it was only a short circuit. Vishi decides not to tell her about the truth. Ajji was happy that no one was there inside. Vishi takes her to make preparations for elections. On the day of election, Ajji announces three testimonies for the contestants “first is to recycle using garbage, or useless material”. She announces the one winning the three testimonies will be the winner. Anjali confronts Ravi and shakes hand with her. She says she is happy her name was suggested, she will enjoy it more to see Ravi defeated. Ravi replies that time will tell; it’s a confrontation between the good and evil.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sangeeta comes to Ravi with a spray to put into her eyes. Ravi’s eyes burn badly.

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