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Dil Dhoondta Hai 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ravi Wins The Competition


Dil Dhoondta Hai 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 8th December 2017 Episode start with Papa jee asks the electrician how there was even a short circuit in the store.

Anjali brings a box full of cloth pieces and says they will make toys out of them. Children at chawl like Ravi a lot, this way their favors would come to them. Jagruti decides to make bags from newspapers. Ravi was still thinking about some idea. Ajji forbids thinking about herself. Ravi thinks about something for a while then goes inside. The crowd was cheering for Ravi, but inside Sangeeta comes to spray something in her eyes. Ravi cries in pain. Sangeeta comes inside and tells Anjali they are done. Ravi gets to washroom to wash her face, her eyes still burning.

Avinash tells Vishi his wife will win, Vishi asks what if his wins. Avinash asks Vishi where his wife is, he hasn’t come to grounds and half an hour has already past. Vishi was now restless and notices Ravi coming out while rubbing her eyes. He bucks Ravi up. A child comes to Ravi to give him a hands up. Anjali cheers as something had got only Ravi’s hands. Ravi notices it smelled like oil, her hands were slippery and she was unable to handle the bottles. Sangeeta goes inside the house and spills the water in the bucket. Avinash announces they are only left with 45 minutes. Bella and Vishi now bucks Ravi up.

Ravi goes to wash her hands but there was no water. Till then, Sonia comes to light a thread near the bundle of bottles. The fire of thread goes off. Vishi comes to pour water over Ravi’s hand from a bottle to wash. Anjali was concerned as there was a short circuit, but then laughs. Ravi was saved by hugging Vishi. Everyone was concerned how she will complete her task, they requests Ajji to give Ravi some more time. Ajji says nothing can be done now. Ravi cries that she has lost. Vishi assures Ravi will win for sure and can do it. The final countdown begin. Vishi bucks Ravi along with the crowd.

At the time of judgment, Ajji asks the participants about their creations. Anjali says she has made toys using crape cloth pieces. This will save money for parents and children be happy. Jagruti says she has created dustbins from used newspapers. Ajji asks how they will clean them. She says they will only use it for wet garbage. Ajji asks where the wet garbage would go. This idea needs improvement. Ajji now comes to see Ravi’s table had been empty.

Everyone was shocked to see Ravi’s creation from bottles. Ravi says there are a lot of old people, they don’t get any space to sit outside so she created a sofa for them. Ajji sits on it to check, then announce Ravi as winner. Ajji announces Jagruti is out of the game, the next competition is going to be between Anjali and Ravi Dalvi.
Ajji questions Anjali what they can do for betterment of chawl. Anjali says they do Veeshi; they must increase the amount of grains. This will save the Rashan for a month for the family. Ajji now asks Ravi. Ravi says the area behind their chawl is used for false purposes.

She suggest they should plant some trees and turn it into a nursery for kids. The working women in chawl may leave their kids in the nursery, and those who stay back at home may be paid to take care of each child. This way both will be able to earn. Everyone like the idea, people at chawl head to bring the plants for nursery. Ajji even pays her the money but Ajji says its for a good purpose. Ravi smiles looking towards Anjali.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : At home, Ravi was happy to see 10 thousand rupees. Anjali and Sangeeta cheer that she kept the money in fridge. Later, Ravi doesn’t find the money and apologizes the contractor. Ajji was shocked.

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