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Dil Dhoondta Hai 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 8th November 2017 Episode Start with It was morning, kids were playing hide and seek. Ravi was setting her cupboard in the veranda. Ajji complements Ravi’s pretty clothes. Ravi says her mother got them designed herself. They were disturbed by the kids. Ajji tells Ravi to lock the cupboard. Ravi goes to bring the key, Ajji gets busy with Ratna. A child gets into the cupboard while locks it. Ravi places the keys over a file. Anjali brings Vishi’s lunch box and hands her the responsibility from today. She was placing the lunch box in the bag, Vishi comes from behind to hold her hands. He makes Ravi up and promises there will be no rat from tonight. Ravi says until he gets curtains over kitchen they won’t get any closer. Vishi hands her his credit card to order the curtains online today. Vishi takes the keys with his file and leaves for office.

Ravi was selecting the curtains when a lady comes asking about her child Munni. They all hurry to ask another child who say they are playing hide and seek. Soon they hear Munni crying from inside the cupboard. Anjali asks who locked it and why? Ravi and Anjali come inside to look for the keys all around. Ajji asks Ravi to think calmly. Anjali curses the moment this cupboard came to their house and warns Ravi that they will have to go to jail if the keys can’t be found. Ravi finally brings the tool box to break the lock. Anjali asks Ravi to call Vishi for some solution. Vishi was on his bike and didn’t see the call. The key maker says it is imported lock, can’t be opened easily. They attempt to break the lock. The mirror of the cupboard was broken.

Vishi checks the cell phone and call Ravi. She asks Vishi to look into his bag for the keys. Vishi looks inside and find the keys in his file. Vishi says it’s in his bag by mistake. She comes to inform everyone that keys were in Vishi’s bag. Ravi speaks to Munni and asks if she wants to hear a princess story. Munni stops crying. Ravi boosts Munni’s strength and asks her not to be afraid of the small space. Vishi had reached and unlocks the cupboard. Munni comes out crying. Anjali was moved by Ravi’s story of a small cage.

When Ravi returns, Anjali says she liked the story in which Ravi is the princess and she is the devil. If she thinks she won’t understand. If Ravi is in such a trouble it’s not late. They all hold this cage really dear, it’s up to Ravi if she wish to live here or not. Ravi comes to pick the broken mirror pieces of her cupboard. She weeps watching her ruined gift. She cries while packing her clothes back to suit case. Ajji comes to her with a glass of water. Ravi says she has decided not to use this cupboard, she will keep her clothes in the bag. Ajji asks why? Ravi says she doesn’t wish anyone gets in trouble because of her. Ajji tells Ravi she is lying, what’s the real matter and swears her of Vishi.

Ravi cries that Anjali doesn’t like her at all. Ajji says she is a mother in law, not a mother who would love her. The son who loved her dearly has shared his love today. Its painful for her to share her son, and this happens in every house. Ajji says she didn’t like Anjali in the beginning, but she worked really hard to win her heart. Ravi must also work hard, will she? Ravi nods. Ajji says relations must go through testimonies to shine. Ravi wonders why everything gets wrong, even she hasn’t been able to help in kitchen. Ajji tells her to wake up before Anjali in the morning, that’s the first rule of being a good daughter in law. Ravi gives her a thumb up.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ravi discuss with Vishi that Anjali isn’t happy with her at all. Vishi says it won’t happen in a day. He asks her to choose from one finger. At night, Sangeeta and Kaka arrive, they announce they will live here from today.

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