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Dil Dhoondta Hai 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Dhoondta Hai 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Dhoondta Hai 9th November 2017 Episode start With At night, Ravi cries in the bed why everything wrong happens to her. Sangeeta hears their talks and coughs hard. Vishi asks Ravi not to get tensed pointlessly. He takes Ravi outside and leaves only after informing Anjali. Sangeeta was awake and only poses to sleep.

Ravi tells Vishi she left everything and came here, she wanted to adopt his family as here. But there is something left over every time. It seems she isn’t suited for him or his family. Vishi asks her about the matter. Ravi tells Vishi about narrating the story to Munni. Anjali thought she was pointing towards her and said she can leave the house if she wish to. Vishi was determined to speak to Anjali. Ravi forbids him, Anjali was angry and it was her own decision to marry him against her family. Her family isn’t happy with her right now, she has brought a lot of dreams here and can’t leave this place. Vishi says she has to assure Anjali about it as well, it might take time and isn’t easy. She might testify Ravi, but he believes Ravi can win her heart smartly. Ravi finally smiles towards him, then says she is lucky to have Vishi is her life. Vishi says he can decide if she is lucky or not; asks her to select a finger and says she is really lucky. He wish to kiss her. Ravi runs away.

The next morning, Anjali wakes up of alarm. As she comes to kitchen she finds Ravi not in bed. She wakes Vishi up, worried about Ravi. She was concerned if Ravi sleep walks. She and Vishi hurry to find Ravi. She comes out of bath with buckets and wish Anjali. Anjali was happy to see her. Ravi goes to get the water bucket.
Ravi was cleaning the house. Sangeeta comes to complain Ajji about not being able to sleep well tonight. Ajji tells Sangeeta to adjust, and gives her example of Ravi. Anjali comes there happy and says she only wished Ravi take care of her house and husband. There was Vishi’s call, Anjali asks Ravi to take the call. Ravi denies Vishi, but Anjali allows Ravi to go to movie. Sangeeta says all this drama was just to go for movie. Anjali was now thoughtful again.

Ravi was getting ready. Anjali calls her outside and shows her old sarees to stitch a curtain. Ajji says it’s for their curtain. Sangeeta thinks about making a place for herself in the house. Ravi gulps hard and says they can buy from market. Anjali says they are too expensive, she always stitch them from her old sarees. Ravi thinks she already ordered the curtains. Only then Sangeeta brings a courier. Ravi says she will open it later, but Sangeeta and Anjali unlocks it. Ravi thinks Vishi’s advice to be a bit smart. Sangeeta was curious what’s in the package. She asks if it’s a curtain. Anjali looks towards Ravi hurt? Anjali asks if this is the reason she hesitated. Didn’t she consider taking her permission?

Ravi says she didn’t know about it? Sangeeta was shocked to see the bill worth Rs. 2000. Ravi gets a call then, Vishi asks to speak to Anjali. Ravi puts the call on speaker. Vishi asks if they receive the courier? Did she like the surprise for her? Ravi asks if he ordered them? Vishi says he thought she won’t have time to stitch the curtains so he ordered them. Anjali asks why he made such expenses, she always stitch the curtains. Anjali says in the future he must think before ordering anything expensive. She agrees to hang the curtains. Anjali tells Ravi its her duty to stop Vishi make such stupid expenses. Ajji sends Ravi, she leaves happily. Anjali goes to the kitchen upset. Sangeeta decides she will sleep in the kitchen and not Ravi.


Dil Dhoondta Hai 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sangeeta puts the curtains on fire. Everyone panics. There, Vishi had warned Ravi against Sangeeta.

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