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Dil Hi Toh Hai: Palak Setu got kidnapped


Dil Hi Toh Hai: Palak Setu got kidnapped high octane mystery UNFOLDS

Sony TV Show Dil Hi Toh Hai is looking forward for a very high voltage twist in Palak and Ritwik’s life.Where Rohit and Setu eloped and decided to get married in Meerut, they eventually cancel their plan.But things take troll when Palak and Setu get kidnapped from the hotel, and this leaves Ritwik ad Rohit broken.

Meerut most wanted criminal Mahendra got Palak and Setu kidnapped, where he demands one crore money from Ritwik and Rohit,And so on Ritwik Rohit agree to him and arrive to rescue their lady love.Ritwik and Rohit open battle,Ritwik and Rohit stand themselves responsible for Palak and Setu’s ill state.

Where they come to rescue Palak and Setu, they will open war to save their lady love.It would be really interesting to watch if this kidnapping will bring Ritwik and Palak close together.

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