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Dil Hi Toh Hai: Palak shot dead saving Ritwik, Ritwik’s stern steps to bring back Palak


Dil Hi Toh Hai: Ritwik’s (Karan Kundra) stern steps to bring back Palak (Yogita Bihani) to life

Sony Entertainment Show Dil Hi Toh Hai is up for a major twist in Palak’s (Yogita Bihani) life.So far we have seen that how the most wanted criminal Mahendra kidnaps, Ritwik-Palak, and Rohit-Setu.After Mahendra captivates Ritwik and Palak, Rohit and Setu meet Reva, Ananya, and Aman where Aman has informed to Police about Ritwik and Palak’s kidnapping.Where Mahendra blames Ritwik for trying to trap them by calling Police, Mahendra points gun at Palak.And shockingly when Palak defends herself and tries to save Ritwik, Mahendra gunshot Palak and Palak fall off from the cliff.Ritwik in deep shock.

Palak’s deadly state leaves Ritwik in a deap trauma, where Ritwik stands himself responsible for Palak’s critical condition,It would be quite interesting to watch, if Ritwik would save Plak’s life before it gets too late.Ritwik and Palak are in goons trap, Palak has landed herself in trouble because of Ritwik and just to save him.Palak and Ritwik both are at gunpoint now but now also Palak will try to save Ritwik and will prove her love.Palak and Ritwik’s new syappa.

Palak tries to fight the goons and one of them shoots Palak and she falls off the cliff and Ritwik couldn’t do anything.Ritwik couldn’t do anything to save his lady love Palak and just sees her falling off the cliff, will Ritwik’s love be able to save Palak.Ritwik and Palak endangers their life for one another and now everything seems to go out of hand.Ritwik and Palak both are at gunpoint and Ritwik tries to save Palak while Palak is trying to save Ritwik.Ritwik and Palak’s love syappa.

A major tragedy hits Ritwik and Palak’s life as goon shoots Palak and she falls off from cliff but police will come on time.Ritwik will rush and hold Palak’s hand and save her from falling down and will rush her to hospital as she is shot.Ritwik is in tears seeing Palak in pool of blood and realise Palak’s importance in his life while this tragedy will be followed by new twist.

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