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Dil Hi Toh Hai: Ritwik Palak’s love teary end


Palak’s arrival to Mumbai revealing of uncounted truths and lie before Ritwik in Dil Hi Toh Hai

Sony TV Daily soap Dil Hi Toh Hai is up for something very interesting and eye grabbling track,Ritwik (Karan Kundra) and Ananya’s (Poulmi Das) wedding news has come up as a heartbreaking news for Palak.As Palak realized her love for Ritwik, she wanted the same from Ritwik but after finding his wedding news, Palak decides to move back to Mumbai.Ritwik sacrifices love,Ritwik doesn’t want to hurt his family and Ananya, as he truely loves Palak he is stuck in major dilemma to think of family or love.

And while Ritwik sacrifices his love he agrees to marry Ananya in return for Rohit and Setu’s marriage.Ritwik and Palak had their moment of intimacy and then had to get separated.Puri and Noon family fixes Ananya and Ritwik’s wedding in 6 days and Palak is shocked knowing this.Palak knows that Ritwik can do anything for his family and had taken decision for their happiness.Ritwik and Palak’s love comes to end,Ritwik and Palak are sad but Ritwik had taken this opportunity to convince Mr Puri for Rohit and Setu’s marriage.

Ritwik and Palak’s love by chance seems to come to an end and this is where Palak decides to go back to Mumbai.Will Ritwik and Palak’s this sacrifice for Rohit and Setu’s marriage is worth it a d what more syappa awaits ahead.Will Ritwik stop Palak from going back to Mumbai?

Will Ritwik break his wedding for Palak? It would be interesting to watch if Ritwik and Palak will confess their love.

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