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Dil Hi Toh Hai: Two new Partners in crime against Ritwik and Palak’s wedding, Ritwik Palak wedding alliance


Two new Partners in crime against Ritwik and Palak’s wedding in Dil Hi Toh Hai

Sony Entertainment Television daily soap Dil Hi Toh Hai is up for another major twist in the show.Where Vijay and Mamta fix Ritwik and Palak’s wedding alliance,Rishab is totally against Vijay’s decision and his acceptance for Palak and her family.Where Alok Puri is not ready to lose Ritwik from his hand, Puri instigates Vijay against Palak and her mother Manjeet by stating them gold digger and greedy persons.Rishab and Puri’s big fat plan.

Rishab is against Ritwik and Palak’s wedding alliance while Puri doesn’t want to lose Ritwik as Ritwik was a way for him to trick business from Noons.Where Rishab and Puri now determine to not let Ritwik and Palak get married,Let see what will be their next plan against Noons.Ritwik’s love confession for Palak has left everyone in deep shock, where Mamta wants Ritwik to get his true love, Vijay is in dilemma.Vijay to accept Palak.

While for everyone Manjeet and Palak are gold digger, Vijay wants to take a right decision for Ritwik and doesn’t want Ritwik to face any trauma like he faced in past.While soon Vijay will find Palak innocent and Ritwik Palak’s true love,

He will fix Ritwik and Palak’s wedding alliance while giving a new twist to the tale.It would be quite interesting to watch if Ananya will accept Ritwik and Palak’s relation, Will Ritwik Palak get married or Puri’s cheap trick will separate them apart?

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